Friday, April 29, 2016

#FAFATL: Better Late Than Never

Well, I'm a little late in posting today. I had to do all of the business-related errands this morning and early afternoon. BUT! I have a Free Art Friday magnet that's ready to post! So, keep your eyes peeled on Instagram to see where I drop it. Maybe you can be the one who finds it!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spinster Shopping: Jellies!

A few weeks ago, my niece got her first pair of jelly shoes. Though jelly shoes have been known to cause quite a bit of foot sweat, they're still so cute! So, of course, I decided to have a look around the ol' internet and see if I could find some cute ones for adults. Below you'll find a list of the best ones I found!

1. Nude Bow Flat Sandal: $21, Wallis
          For the girly, prim, or proper, these aren't clear like your traditional jellies, but they are still rubbery and shiny! With those thin straps, your feet will be able to breathe, too.

2. ASOS FLYNN Jelly Sandals: $19.41, ASOS
          These are a little more hip and trendy. I like how they look a little frosted. I remember when platforms were in when I was in middle school. Does that mean I can't wear them now? I still might.

3. Tommy Bahama Jelly Flop Star: $19.99, 6pm
          These are for the traditionalist. They're good for just about anything, and that little star makes them very beachy. What did we expect from Tommy Bahama, though?

4. Bamboo Slip-On Glitter Sandals: $15.99, Charlotte Russe (or here: on Ebay)
          These babies are sold out everywhere online, and last I checked, they're not even on Charlotte Russe anymore. I kept the link, though, because, like, an hour before I wrote this post, they were still available. They're a steal at $15, though, and I have a feeling you'd wear them all the time.

5. Do The Wave Shiny Laceup Jelly Sandals: $13, Go Jane
          This is not the only cute pair of jellies on Go Jane. I just thought these were the coolest and most interesting. If you've been wanting to try a lace up sandal but worried they were too clunky, a jelly is a good way to test the waters. It's the same structure, but it's transparent, so you're not quite as weighed down by color.

6. Hee Grand Bow Sandals: $14.99, AliExpress
          These are for the glitzy girly-girl. I like how they're more of a d'Orsay shape.

7. Strappy Glitter Wedge: $25.77, Amazon
          Jelly shoes don't just have to be flats! These jellies look like they're made of ricrac, and they come in both clear (with silver glitter) and gold.

8. American Apparel Flat Lattice Jelly Sandal: $10, Amazon
          These are pretty close to what I think of as a classic jelly shoe. The cool thing is that they come in both clear and opaque styles. So, if you really want to bring back your childhood, these might be just the ticket.

9. Diesel Walayla Himali Sandals: $48, 6pm
          A combo of jelly and leather is present here, but I still think they'd qualifies as jellies. Plus, I like this color combo. I'd wear these for sure.

Well, I hope you found something on this list you like! There are lots of jellies out there, and they're not expensive, so I say do it! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spinster Screening: The Jungle Book

I think it's safe to say now that I like Jon Favreau. I can't get behind his whole cannon (I think Swingers is the absolute worst), but he's got some things I really like under his belt. So, when I heard that he'd directed the most recent incarnation of The Jungle Book, I was quite interested. In a post Life of Pi world, though, I was cautious. Could they achieve the same sort of believability? In a word: yes.

Need Sethi, who plays Mowgli does a crazy good job of acting this whole thing by himself. Sure, he's surrounded by heavy hitters like Ben Kingsley and Bill Murray, but they're not inside the animal costumes, so he's basically doing the whole thing by himself. The CG is great, especially the wolf pups, which are so cute. The interaction is almost completely seamless, and it's really easy to suspend your disbelief.

The one thing that I didn't love was Scarlett Johansen as Kaa. That may just be me. She's not my favorite. She manages to make everything unnecessarily sexual. Also, I hate snakes, so...there's that. The role of Bagheera was made for Ben Kingsley, though. I'm in full support of that casting choice.

The story is a l little different this time around, and I quite liked it. There's no oddly flirtatious little girl to lure Mowgli away, but I won't tell you how the movie does end. I think you should go see it..and see it in the theater. The grandeur of the jungle setting begs to be experienced on the big screen. I wear glasses, making 3-d kind of annoying for me, but I can only assume that it is incredibly immersive with those plastic shades on your face.

To sum it up: go see it. It may be too scary for young children on account of the realism of the CG, but it's good. I think you'll like it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Time Lapse: Molly the Dog

molly-the-dog, dog-sketch

Well, spinsters, it's my second day back. I was out of town for the weekend to go to a wedding. But! Before I left, I made a little video to share with you so there'd be something exciting when I came back. And yes, you guessed it! It's another time lapse drawing video. I'm addicted to making these things right now.

So, this is Molly the dog. The finished product is above, but below, you'll find the time lapse drawing video. Enjoy!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Up For Discussion: One Fawn Twelve Ways

Well, spinsters, I'm back! As I'm writing this sentence, the image above is irking me because the rows are not evenly spaced. Please forgive me...but hopefully you can help me in another way.

The post with one cat twelve ways was a big success. Through The Spinsterhood Diaries Facebook page, my personal page, text, and comments on this blog, I was able to choose a color combo that worked great for my cat painting. Today, I was hoping you'd help me out again!

Look at the image above. click on it to view larger. There are numbers below each color combo for easy reference. Which color combo(s) do you like the best? Let me know below in the comments or on The Spinsterhood Diaries Facebook page. At the end of the day, I'll tally the votes, and that'll be the color combo I use. Oh, and if you want your friends to have their say, please feel free to share! I need all the help I can get.

Thanks in Advance! Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Time Lapse Gif: See You Soon!

Well, spinsters, today will be my last post until next week. So, since I've been obsessed with time lapse videos lately, I figured I'd try to make a time lapse gif. And, here it is!

I'll see you soon! Enjoy your Thursday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Last Night's Dream and Some Other Stuff

Last night I went to what my church calls a "global friends" meeting. There are a bunch of international people at our church, so on Tuesday nights they get together to practice english and so other fun things around Atlanta. On this particular night, we met at the home of a Kenyan family, ate Kenyan food, and just had a little hangout session. It was fun, and the food was delicious.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, last night I ate goat meat, which is not generally in my regular diet. It was the best goat meat I've had thus far by far, but I think it may have given me some crazy dreams. And that's why there's a drawing of a girl in roller skates at the top of this post. If you hate hearing about people's weird dreams, then perhaps you should skip down until you see another image. But, if weird dreams make you laugh, this one is really detailed (thanks, Bupropion!). So, here it is:

I dreamed that I was taking roller skating classes in The Hamptons. It was sort of like roller derby, but instead of there being a game involved, we were actually doing something more like synchronized roller skating. It was sort of like a dance, and I was terrible. My favorite part was when we got to decorate our uniforms (a hot pink screen printed shirt with our team's logo, which I have now forgotten, so I left it out). I added a tulle peplum to my tee, and I spent a great deal of time debating whether I should use E6000 glue to add sequins, rhinestones, and beads to my outfit or whether sewing them on would ultimately be better. I don't think I ever made a decision.

I left the roller skating class and was walking across a lawn and driveway to get to my next engagement when I saw a woman who looked like Olivia the Pig tottering across the gravel and grass toward a cute white convertible in which sat a man who could have been on the cover of Esquire as well as a little girl of about three. The way the woman was shaped and was walking reminded me of a boss I once had (IRL) and I said to a service person who was now crossing my path that she sure looked like this certain woman.

"That's because she is," said the staffer, and so I walked over to say hello.

When I got up close, the woman was missing one of her front teeth but was otherwise expensively - if not tastefully - dressed. She was somehow both dismissive and guardedly friendly and soon drove off in her convertible with her much younger husband and daughter.

The next thing I knew, I was in a cavernous mansion wearing a knit jacquard white top and skirt set that reminded me of paper towels. The top was a crop top with deep cut arm-holes, and the skirt (much like anything I own in real life) was much too large. It was high waisted, though, so my belly was covered. A man was asking me if I wanted any coffee and I declined. It seemed to be the end of some sort of lunch.

I walked across a courtyard that looked like the one at Lincoln Center but with grass and without any city around it. My next event was in yet another high-ceilinged mansion's ballroom, and it was a fashion show. I was there for work. The fashion show was formatted differently than most runway shows. It began with a bunch of models standing still in a line on a platform. Once they had done this, they would mingle throughout the room, and people would be allowed to inspect the clothing and ask them questions. I remember thinking this was the way they always did it in the Hamptons. They asked me if I wanted any coffee again.

I walked outside, and I realized there was something green all over my skirt. I also saw a bunch of style bloggers and made a mental note that the trend at this particular collection of events seemed to be sleeveless dresses with long, circle-cut skirts. One in particular stood out: a woman standing in the breeze in a spaghetti-strapped halter dress that was navy with thin white diagonal stripes. She was holding a DSLR with a huge lens up to her face, but she looked a lot like Alexa Chung.

In the next courtyard, there was a really long line for a rolling ice cream cart. It was like the ones in central park but sophisticated and gourmet. I saw two friends from middle school there, and they commented on how my skirt was dirty with green stuff all over it. The next thing I knew, I was washing my skirt in a public bathroom sink, but because it was knit jacquard, it was just getting bigger and bigger, and instead of really getting clean, the whole thing was getting dingy.

That was the end of the dream...


And now...Zazzle sent me an email today saying that their wrapping paper was 40% off today if you use the code PRETTYGIFT4U. So, of course I made a new wrapping paper, but also I thought I'd share some of my old ones, too, in case you're in need of specialty paper for any reason. Here you go!

Donut Wrapping Paper
Donut Wrapping Paper by spinsterstore
Browse more Donuts Wrapping Paper at Zazzle
ballet flat wrapping paper
ballet flat wrapping paper by spinsterstore
See other Shoe Wrapping Paper at zazzle

I hope your Wednesday is wonderful! I must get back to work!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spinster Thoughts: Integrity

integrity-is, cs-lewis-quote, dog-poop

C.S. Lewis Once Said "Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." Well, this morning, I had a similar thought. It was a little dark out, and I was walking Miranda. She want into a patch of ivy and started to do the thing we came outside for in the first place. I knew it would be treacherous to go in there and pick it up, but there have been lots of emails around here lately from the leasing office about how people don't pick up their pet waste. So, I waded through the ivy, miraculously managing not to step on any other pet waste, and used a little baggy to clean up after the baby Miranda. And I thought to myself "Integrity is picking up dog poop, even when no one is watching."

Does this mean I have integrity? No. It means that I think some old busybody might be sitting next to their window, lights off, waiting to find someone to report. Because in my life, if everyone is getting away with something, I will be the only one who is caught. That is just the way it goes for me.

So, perhaps you have more integrity than I. Either way, I'm going to continue picking up after my pet, even if it appears no one is watching.

Monday, April 18, 2016

#WIP - Big Cat


So, last week, I asked you to cast your vote on what color way I should do for my 36x48 cat painting. I received responses via my personal Facebook page, comments on this blog, The Spinsterhood Diaries Facebook page, and text. The top three were numbers 6, 7, and 11. However, number 7 won! (see below for reference).

So, I've started on the painting! It's coming along, but I think I mixed some of the colors too bright and some too dark. So, I'll adjust them and keep you updated! Asking for your input was a lot of fun, though, so I may ask again very soon!

Now, onto something kind of funny. This morning I was opening my Blogger account to make this post, and somehow I landed on the "referring sites" page. At the bottom of that page, there is a list of the things that people have searched on the internet that brought them to my page. See below what they were...

Now, not all of these are surprising. Most of these are things that are directly related to blog posts. And, the one that I love the most is also the subject of a blog post. But I'm just so happy to see that someone searched Lois Reitzes's voice sounding like an old lady and found my post. I'm glad I'm not alone in my distaste for her vocal stylings.

Well, spinsters, it's back to work for me! Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Some DIY Projects

So, it's Sunday, and perhaps you're thinking of making a little DIY project this afternoon. Well, I spent a little too much time looking at DIY ideas on Pinterest this morning, so I think I can help you out if that's what you're thinking.

Below is a list of all sorts of ideas, most of which fall into the category of "easy" skill level. So, let's get to linking!

1. Pom Pom Napkin Rings from Art Bar Blog
          These are super cute, and you can make them out of any sort of color you'd like. I think you could also make a super cute hair tie the same way.

2. Matches Vanity Tray from Design Love Fest
          I think the idea of matches as a decorative item is really cute. Design Love Fest's particular DIY idea makes it so your project isn't overly flammable. But you could do this with any sort of item. Really fun.

3. Pantyhose Tattoo from Useful DIY
          I don't really like the design they chose to do on this with a much cuter motif, especially if you were looking to coordinate with a specific outfit.

4. Confetti Bowl from DIY and Craft Magazine
          This idea has been around forever, but this is the first time I've seen it done with confetti. I never thought of mixing together a bunch of different things or colors to make this. Think how fun this would be as a table decoration or treat bowl at a fun and festive party.

5. Striped Tray from The Glitter Guide
          Only recently have I really started to want to use trays all the time. They're just so convenient. Of course you can use them for food, but they're also really useful if you want to carry your laptop, wacom, a pencil, and a notebook all at once. Or, say, a jar with water and brushes along with your blotting towel, a glass of water, and a couple dry brushes to boot. (These are all lists of things I find myself carrying quite awkwardly). I think jazzing up a tray to match your home or just your personal style is a fun way to make sure these don't look out of place lying around.

6. Flip Book from Inner Child Fun
          I think a custom flip book is a really fun gift for the upcoming Mother's Day holiday. It's also a fun way to say something fun or important as we discussed in my post about flip books (especially from The Flippist)

7. Wire Baskets from Organize N Store
          I love this idea, and I think I might actually try it myself.

8. Mirrored Cake Stands from Tikkido
          Of course tutorials for cake stands are all over the internet. However, I find these really fun because they involve magnets. Plus the mirrors are cool.

9. Tinted Lip Balm Locket from Beautylish
          This is both fashionable and handy. I like it.

10. Paper Clip Earrings from Ohoh Blog
          I'm not sure how safe these would be to wear, but the idea is pretty cool. I guess you'd just want to clean them really well with alcohol before wearing.

If you're jonesing for a slideshow with more ideas, I thought this one from Domino had some pretty cool ideas.

Happy Sunday, and happy crafting!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Time Lapse Dog Sketching

Recently a client contacted me wanting a drawing a bit looser than my usual pencil drawings. Of course, for this blog I do some pretty loose drawings that I would term something closer to doodling, but drawing a likeness in a looser style is a little bit more difficult for me. So, I decided to do some "research" as they call it on art school applications. But it's just practice. And, since I'm obsessed with time lapse drawing videos, I made one of this!


Friday, April 15, 2016

#FAFATL: Cat Coaster 4/15

Well, Spinsters, it's tax day, and that has nothing to do with todays post. Nope, this post is just a photo of what I'll be dropping somewhere around Atlanta today for Free Art Friday!

So, as always, if you live in the Atlanta area, keep your eyes peeled and your Instagram refreshed! This little guy could be yours!

Also, don't forget that today the second season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: season 2 is on Netflix! Woohoo!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Up For Discussion: One Cat 12 Ways

I'm going to start work on a large cat painting this week, but I have found myself quite without any idea of what colors I want to use. So, I took to Pinterest. I took to Pinterest, but even there I couldn't decide. So, I colored up my reference image in 12 different ways. I do this when I client wants to see different color options before making their final decision of what colors they'd like. Many have commented in the past how interesting it looks, so I thought I'd show you a little contact sheet here today. This is very much like something I would have done when I was in fashion design. Instead of a cat painting, though, it might be a print or stripe layout or a pair of shoes.

So, what do you think? Any preferences? So far, I think my favorites are options 3, 6, 7, and 10. But now that I write that, I think...should I include 8, 9, and 11 as well? I don't know. Leave a comment below or on The Spinsterhood Diaries Facebook page. I would greatly appreciate it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What: The crazy houses of Staten Island

The other day I went down the Zillow rabbit hole and somehow ended up in Staten Island, New York.  The image above is just a silly doodle of my idea of a crazy house. The links I'm about to show you, though, are not silly doodles. They are real. So let's just get started.

1. 81 Copperflagg Ln
          I'm starting with this one because, compared to the ones that will follow, this one is tasteful. I'd definitely take the pool area without any changes. But why in the world would someone need so many rooms? And so much wallpaper? And that black bathroom...

2. 775 Todt Hill Road
          If you move into this house, and you're not a native america, is that cultural appropriation? There are only three photos to this listing, but I am dying to know what the rest of the place looks like. I mean, that outside is a pretty strong statement.

3. 64 McCully Ave
          Well, things are really ramping up. My favorite part of this house, I think, is all the pearlized furniture. That chair in photo 7/26 with the leopard arms.I feel like this house could very easily have been featured on The Sopranos.

4. 120 College Place
          The interior of this house nearly gave me a seizure. I can't even understand. Of particular note: Photo 5/37, the figurines on the mantle in 8/37, the ceiling in 17/37, the crushed velvet bed in 21/27, and all that pattern in 30/37. Really, this is a masterpiece.

5. 738 Todt Hill Road
          Somehow this 12,000 square foot home (yes, that is correct. twelve thousand square feet) manages to look cluttered. How did they even do that?

6. 120 Nicolosi Drive
          I'm pretty sure this house has a murder basement. I could be wrong, but it sure does look that way.

7. 70 Wards Point Ave
          I saved the best for last. This one has the best art by far. I feel like someone who likes the southwest so much maybe shouldn't be living in Staten Island. But maybe that's just me. This person was an internationally known artist. Note the christmas hand towel in photo 7/33. Also, the dolls in 17/33.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour through the million-dollar homes of Staten Island. You're welcome.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spinster PSA: Lipstick Dupes

I have two favorite lipsticks. One is Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine in #54 Boy, and the other is Nars's Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien. I love everything about them - the texture, the color, and in the case of Rouge Coco Shine, even the smell. In most cases, if something is a l little pricey but you use it a lot, it's worth the money. Where cosmetics are concerned, though, that just means you'll be spending more money more often. To date, I have absolutely used up four tubes of Rouge Coco Shine and at least two Chanel eyeshadow pallets. That may not seem like a lot, since I think that's been over the span of about four or five years, but I don't know...I started wondering if there was a better option.

So, I did a little research. Since I'm not a beauty blogger, I won't show you photos of my lips or color swatches on my arm. For that, I'll direct you to the posts where I found the suggested dupes. And for my own brand of visual stimulus,  you can watch the above time lapse sketching video. It's 30 seconds long, so I think you have time.

Ok, so for Chanel's Boy, you'll pay around $35 a tube. the cheaper version, according to Bloomin' Beauty Blog,  is Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait. You can find it anywhere, and as you cans see, it's much more affordable than the Chanel version. So, I bought this one, and since Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine is the lipstick I always carry in my purse, I opened the new lipstick when I got out of the store.

The color for this one is pretty close, and it has that little bit of shimmer like the Chanel version. The application feels a little thicker, though, and the smell is different. Chanel lipsticks generally smell like roses, and while some people think that's a little old-ladyish, I quite like it. The Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter smells like vanilla which doesn't strike my fancy nearly as much. In fact, I'd consider it a detriment to this product. The other downside is that the packaging doesn't feel as sophisticated as the black-and-gold Chanel tube. It's cute, not fancy. But alas, I bought this on at a drugstore. On the whole, I'd say this is a good product. It's not quite as smooth as Chanel, but it looks like it, and like the Chanel version, you don't end up with dry lips. So, I say go for it!

For the Nars Rikugien Dupe, blogger Jules Darling suggests Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blushing Mauve. Now, you'll note that the Nars version is a lip crayon, and the Revlon version is a lipstick. I have to say that this seems like a bit of an upgrade with the Revlon. While I do like the precision the lip crayon offers, I do not like the mess it creates when I sharpen it. Sharpening something the texture of lipstick, even if you do it over the trash can, always leaves residue on your hands and on your counter. It seems unavoidable. The color on this lipstick seems only slightly brighter than the lip crayon, and it doesn't feel as light as the crayon. However, the color is really nice, and I think this is a good option for less money. Bonus: It does have a black-and-gold tube. Plus, if you like a little more color than Chanel's #54 offers, this could be for you!

So, those are my lipstick dupes. I also purchased a NYX lipstick that I thought would be the same color as Boy, but unfortunately it was completely opaque and the same color as my face. So, that was a bust. Don't worry about that one.

Bonus round! (This is not about lipstick)

A couple months ago, I had used up three out of the four colors in my Chanel eyeshadow palette. I was limping along with the other random eyeshadows I had in my makeup collection, but there was a reason those weren't the first-string colors. In Marshall's one day, out of necessity, I was looking for some sort of mascara and eyeshadow combo (basically, I had scheduled myself too tight and needed to do eye makeup in the car), and I happened upon the e.l.f. Everyday Glow Kit on sale for maybe $4.  The eyeliner was OK, the mascara wasn't great, but that eyeshadow is amazing. sells the eyeshadow palette for $4 by itself, and I think you can find it at most CVS and Walgreens. The colors are high in pigment, and there's a little shimmer. It actually reminds me of the three colors I used the most in my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick back in college. So, I say try out the e.l.f. baked eyeshadow compact. If you don't like it, well, it was probably only $4. can't hate me too much.

All right. That's all for the beauty PSA. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 11, 2016

I'm Obsessed: Another Time Lapse

If you follow my Instagram, You saw a little snippet of today's video already. But, it was sideways and not at all complete. It's just a little doodle, and I didn't save room for my legs. Miranda is floating in air, but it was still fun to make and, I think, fun to watch.

You'll notice I drew myself in a bathrobe because...well, I wear that as often as I possibly can. I don't know why I can't capture the absolute cuteness of my dog, Miranda. But, there you have it. She looks like a scary goblin in this. Thankfully, you can click on the word "miranda" in the links at the bottom of this post to see how cute she actually is.

Stay tuned tomorrow for something with a little more substance. Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stop Motion Cheerios!

Now that I've made one time lapse, I want to make all the time lapses. So, this morning, I made a time lapse of my breakfast. No, this isn't a sponsored post. I just like cheerios. I have to finish getting ready for church, but enjoy! And perhaps enjoy some cheerios, too.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Fun: Time Lapse Doodling

For Christmas I got a gorillapod for my iPhone. I don't think that link is the exact model I have, but I think yo get the idea. It's a tripod that lets you basically position your phone or camera anywhere it can latch onto. I love it. Today I thought I'd attach it to the lamp on my drafting table and do a little doodling. I think I still have some kinks to work out as far as positioning goes, but I still think it's something fun for today!

Please enjoy the video. I think the music may still be loading. I just picked something from Youtube's library that was roughly the same length of the video. It does cut off at the end, but I think we'll all survive.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 8, 2016

#FAFATL - April 8, 2016

It's been quite some time since I last participated in Free Art Friday, so I thought today I would. The items pictured here aren't finished yet, and that's why they're on top of a magazine page drying. On top, we have a red headed man's head that will become a cute little magnet for someone's refrigerator.  On the bottom is a cat coaster blank I made for a collaboration that never came to fruition. So, I'm going to paint it up, and whoever finds it can pry the magnet off the back and use it as a nice little coaster - especially if they like orange cats.

Keep an eye out on my Instagram (@Jonezee85) to see where these get dropped! Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spinster Shopping: Nice Lady

There's a Dollar Tree near where I take Miranda to doggy daycare. It's also next to a chinese restaurant I like, so I stop there in pretty frequently. I like to buy things like chip clips, cleaning sponges, and cokes there. This week, I even found miniature Martinelli's sparkling cider. Those little bottles were adorable.

Last night, after a trip to Fortune Cookie, I went into the Dollar Tree and found myself in the fragrance and personal care aisle. They had glitter body splash, and the 13-year-old inside me wanted to buy it. I refrained, but I did not refrain from looking at all the fragrance selections. I thought these were made especially for the dollar tree, but after doing a little googling, I discovered that this brand - European American Design - is also available on Amazon. They're a bit pricier outside of the Dollar tree, though. Like, fourteen times pricier.

There were lots of amazing fragrance names, but my favorite was Nice Lady. I just think if I wore this, I might smell like a nice lady. AND YOU WOULD ALL BE FOOLED. Just kidding.

Ok, so my next favorite was  one called Cautious. It's supposed to be a dupe of Britney Spears Curious, but somehow I don't think the name really translates. Curious perhaps projects the sort of flirty/sexy vibe fragrance companies are going for. Cautious, not so much. I mean, it's good to be cautious. This is probably a fragrance that would better describe how I feel with regards to other humans. But then, I guess I don't need any help smelling that way. I already am cautious. I couldn't find this one available for sale anywhere online, so I guess you'll have to go on your own Dollar Tree adventure. Honestly, though, I think you should anyway.

If you're into perfume dupes, check out this article. It's kind of interesting. And also, if you need to know about some more things that are at the dollar tree, you can check out this crazy haul video.

Enjoy! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hard Core Spinstering: Shower Cap

I think we've all heard that washing your hair every day can damage it. My hair, in fact, looks its best they day after I've washed it. For a long time I had just put my hair in a bun before showering, but the problem arose of the front of my hair getting wet when I washed my face.

Well, recently I found myself in a hotel with my mom in Savannah, and there, in the bathroom, was a shower cap. I used it, and it was great. My hair remained dry, and I didn't have to do much to it when I got out. I knew shower caps existed because my grandmother always had them hanging in her bathroom. I just don' think I'd ever owned one.

This week I purchased a shower cap at Walmart, and I think it's going to revolutionize my morning routine. Yes, I look like a true spinster wearing it. I put my hair in a bun before donning the cap, so in fact, I look like a cone-headed spinster, but my hair stays dry, and no one is the wiser. Well...if they read this blog, I suppose they know now, but who cares?

If you, too, like to let your hairstyle live for more than just a day, I recommend purchasing a shower cap. They are hideous, but they do the trick. Bonus: you'll get a good laugh the first time you see yourself wearing one in the mirror.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Obsession Confession: Airbnb

airbnb, i'm-obsessed-with-airbnb

I have been known to fall down the Zillow rabbit hole on occasion. I get some sort of voyeuristic pleasure out of looking at people's homes that I will never be able to afford. Now, though, I have a new obsession: Airbnb.

I was at dinner on Sunday night, listening to a friend talk about her recent trip to Peru. She stayed in Airbnb accommodations, and I think she said she paid something like $35 a night. Of course, she was sharing a room, but still. So, now I've signed up and looked inside everyone's home from Atlanta to Paris to Tokyo. I only looked at the Atlanta ones to see inside other people's homes.

Traveling as a spinster can get expensive. Hotel rates are usually best split between two people, and if you're a lone wolf like I am, that doesn't usually happen. Because I don't know if I can share a bathroom for that long. I recently read an article about the best hotels in New York under $200/night, but I thought I could do better. I chose my favorite neighborhood to stay in - around Union Square because it's convenient - and I found five options that are under $100. Of course, there's no room service, but why spend your time in New York inside?

Ok, let's do this:

1. Close to Parsons and NYU:
          This unit with a futon can sleep 4 people for $90. It's clean yet petit, and the west 14th street location is really excellent. The only question I have is about air conditioning. I don't see a window unit, so does she have central AC?

2. Charming Union Sq Studio w/ Elevator:
          This one says it sleeps 5 people, but I only see space for four. That is, there's a real bed (probably a full because it's New York, and it's a studio), and a sofa bed. But it's only $70/night. And it's on East 15th. They've highlighted this as "gramercy" area, but it's still super convenient. This location is just north of some pretty darn good noodles.

3. "Huge" One-Bedroom:
          By Atlanta standards, this is of course not a huge one bedroom. And it's a little cluttered. However, it's on east 13th, and it is bigger than most apartments around there. At just $100, you won't have to feel cramped.

4. Studio in the East Village:
          This is a bit southeast of Union Square, making it a bit further from the train...but not that far. It's on east 6th, which is actually a great location, and it's also only $89 a night for four people. One of the reviews says it was larger than she originally that seems good. And I can see a window unit.

5. Best Manhattan Downtown Location:
          I've just been using the headlines of these listings for the links. I'm not actually saying this is the best location, but I's pretty good. Plus, one of the pictures shows they offer morning breakfast delivery. I meannnnn....that seems good.

Bonus: not in Union Square, but looks pretty good:
Spacious Studio (elevator building):
          I just can't get over how this guy has a whole sectional sofa in his studio apartment...And this is close to where I used to live/just north of Soho (NoHo).

If you're not already on Airbnb but you want to be creepy and look inside people's apartments in other cities, I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Spinster Food: Snickers Bunny

snickers, easter-snickers, seasonal-snickers

For the first time ever this year, I saw a Snicker's Bunny. I'm not sure if they've been around in past years, but this was the first time I'd seen one. Of course, I had to investigate. I waited until the day after Easter to purchase my Snickers bunny, and I was rewarded. It was only a dollar. However, this means you'll have to store thick information away until you're able to buy one next year. I'm sorry to do this to you. But also...I'm not sorry because I got to eat a giant snickers.

The Snickers Bunny, made especially for the Easter holiday, comes in a light green cardboard box. The box is hollowed on the front side, and the bunny itself is protected by a molded plastic piece similar to blister packaging. Once you open the box, however, you will be relieved to find out that it is not, in fact, blister packaging, and you don't have to ruin a pair of scissors to get at your treat.

The foil surrounding the chocolate pictures a bunny carrying his easter basket, which is full of - presumably - Snickers eggs. The basket is yellow, making you think you might be getting a peanut butter snickers, but you aren't. It's a giant, bunny-shaped, classic snickers.

Now, once you're in, you'll see that the actual chocolate itself also looks like a bunny. I always find it a little strange when the foil and the actual chocolate don't really match, but I guess the chocolatiers just assume you're going to eat it anyway, so it doesn't matter. I also assume that they make one mold to use for years and years, and then they are able to update the foil wrapping and cardboard packaging every year to give it an update. However, I have never worked in the chocolate industry, so of course this is all conjecture.

When you see the regular giant Snickers (AKA the Snickers Giant Size Slice N' Share), there is often an accompanying picture showing someone cutting the snickers into thin slices. So, I decided that was the way to go with this bunny. While it was probably only about as long as a King Sized Snicker and perhaps twice as wide, the size of it seemed to warrant a serrated knife. As you'll see above, however, this wasn't the best idea. The presentation left something to be desired.

In the end, I ended up taking strategic bites - from one corner and then the other - and this worked out well enough. I think if I had wanted to use a knife, I could have heated one, and the cutting might have gone a little smoother. However, since I'm a spinster and I wasn't sharing, the biting worked just fine.

I'm (sort of) proud to say I haven't actually finished the Snickers bunny yet. I can tell you, though, that like all seasonal Snickers, this one does taste better than an everyday Snickers. So, if you happen upon one within the next week, I say place it in your cart and prepare yourself for a treat. It's still springtime, so you can just say it's a spring bunny instead of one that's specific to Easter.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Thoughts: My Baby Dog

I love my dog. I think she's the cutest and the sweetest dog there ever was. So, I thought for today's post, I'd just show you this photo I took of her sitting on my fluffy comforter. When I take a shower, she takes the opportunity to cuddle up in the comfiest spot she can find on my bed. I like her style.

So, in honor of how much I love Miranda, I thought I'd share some funny dog memes I found this week. I hope they make you smile.

1. My dog is my baby

2. Horror stories for dogs...

3. Dogs using eBay.

4. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

5. Dog watching Old Yeller.

6. And 50 more for your enjoyment!

Happy Friday!