Hard Core Spinstering: Shower Cap

I think we've all heard that washing your hair every day can damage it. My hair, in fact, looks its best they day after I've washed it. For a long time I had just put my hair in a bun before showering, but the problem arose of the front of my hair getting wet when I washed my face.

Well, recently I found myself in a hotel with my mom in Savannah, and there, in the bathroom, was a shower cap. I used it, and it was great. My hair remained dry, and I didn't have to do much to it when I got out. I knew shower caps existed because my grandmother always had them hanging in her bathroom. I just don' think I'd ever owned one.

This week I purchased a shower cap at Walmart, and I think it's going to revolutionize my morning routine. Yes, I look like a true spinster wearing it. I put my hair in a bun before donning the cap, so in fact, I look like a cone-headed spinster, but my hair stays dry, and no one is the wiser. Well...if they read this blog, I suppose they know now, but who cares?

If you, too, like to let your hairstyle live for more than just a day, I recommend purchasing a shower cap. They are hideous, but they do the trick. Bonus: you'll get a good laugh the first time you see yourself wearing one in the mirror.

Happy Wednesday!

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