Last Night's Dream and Some Other Stuff

Last night I went to what my church calls a "global friends" meeting. There are a bunch of international people at our church, so on Tuesday nights they get together to practice english and so other fun things around Atlanta. On this particular night, we met at the home of a Kenyan family, ate Kenyan food, and just had a little hangout session. It was fun, and the food was delicious.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, last night I ate goat meat, which is not generally in my regular diet. It was the best goat meat I've had thus far by far, but I think it may have given me some crazy dreams. And that's why there's a drawing of a girl in roller skates at the top of this post. If you hate hearing about people's weird dreams, then perhaps you should skip down until you see another image. But, if weird dreams make you laugh, this one is really detailed (thanks, Bupropion!). So, here it is:

I dreamed that I was taking roller skating classes in The Hamptons. It was sort of like roller derby, but instead of there being a game involved, we were actually doing something more like synchronized roller skating. It was sort of like a dance, and I was terrible. My favorite part was when we got to decorate our uniforms (a hot pink screen printed shirt with our team's logo, which I have now forgotten, so I left it out). I added a tulle peplum to my tee, and I spent a great deal of time debating whether I should use E6000 glue to add sequins, rhinestones, and beads to my outfit or whether sewing them on would ultimately be better. I don't think I ever made a decision.

I left the roller skating class and was walking across a lawn and driveway to get to my next engagement when I saw a woman who looked like Olivia the Pig tottering across the gravel and grass toward a cute white convertible in which sat a man who could have been on the cover of Esquire as well as a little girl of about three. The way the woman was shaped and was walking reminded me of a boss I once had (IRL) and I said to a service person who was now crossing my path that she sure looked like this certain woman.

"That's because she is," said the staffer, and so I walked over to say hello.

When I got up close, the woman was missing one of her front teeth but was otherwise expensively - if not tastefully - dressed. She was somehow both dismissive and guardedly friendly and soon drove off in her convertible with her much younger husband and daughter.

The next thing I knew, I was in a cavernous mansion wearing a knit jacquard white top and skirt set that reminded me of paper towels. The top was a crop top with deep cut arm-holes, and the skirt (much like anything I own in real life) was much too large. It was high waisted, though, so my belly was covered. A man was asking me if I wanted any coffee and I declined. It seemed to be the end of some sort of lunch.

I walked across a courtyard that looked like the one at Lincoln Center but with grass and without any city around it. My next event was in yet another high-ceilinged mansion's ballroom, and it was a fashion show. I was there for work. The fashion show was formatted differently than most runway shows. It began with a bunch of models standing still in a line on a platform. Once they had done this, they would mingle throughout the room, and people would be allowed to inspect the clothing and ask them questions. I remember thinking this was the way they always did it in the Hamptons. They asked me if I wanted any coffee again.

I walked outside, and I realized there was something green all over my skirt. I also saw a bunch of style bloggers and made a mental note that the trend at this particular collection of events seemed to be sleeveless dresses with long, circle-cut skirts. One in particular stood out: a woman standing in the breeze in a spaghetti-strapped halter dress that was navy with thin white diagonal stripes. She was holding a DSLR with a huge lens up to her face, but she looked a lot like Alexa Chung.

In the next courtyard, there was a really long line for a rolling ice cream cart. It was like the ones in central park but sophisticated and gourmet. I saw two friends from middle school there, and they commented on how my skirt was dirty with green stuff all over it. The next thing I knew, I was washing my skirt in a public bathroom sink, but because it was knit jacquard, it was just getting bigger and bigger, and instead of really getting clean, the whole thing was getting dingy.

That was the end of the dream...


And now...Zazzle sent me an email today saying that their wrapping paper was 40% off today if you use the code PRETTYGIFT4U. So, of course I made a new wrapping paper, but also I thought I'd share some of my old ones, too, in case you're in need of specialty paper for any reason. Here you go!

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I hope your Wednesday is wonderful! I must get back to work!

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