Spinster Shopping: Jellies!

A few weeks ago, my niece got her first pair of jelly shoes. Though jelly shoes have been known to cause quite a bit of foot sweat, they're still so cute! So, of course, I decided to have a look around the ol' internet and see if I could find some cute ones for adults. Below you'll find a list of the best ones I found!

1. Nude Bow Flat Sandal: $21, Wallis
          For the girly, prim, or proper, these aren't clear like your traditional jellies, but they are still rubbery and shiny! With those thin straps, your feet will be able to breathe, too.

2. ASOS FLYNN Jelly Sandals: $19.41, ASOS
          These are a little more hip and trendy. I like how they look a little frosted. I remember when platforms were in when I was in middle school. Does that mean I can't wear them now? I still might.

3. Tommy Bahama Jelly Flop Star: $19.99, 6pm
          These are for the traditionalist. They're good for just about anything, and that little star makes them very beachy. What did we expect from Tommy Bahama, though?

4. Bamboo Slip-On Glitter Sandals: $15.99, Charlotte Russe (or here: on Ebay)
          These babies are sold out everywhere online, and last I checked, they're not even on Charlotte Russe anymore. I kept the link, though, because, like, an hour before I wrote this post, they were still available. They're a steal at $15, though, and I have a feeling you'd wear them all the time.

5. Do The Wave Shiny Laceup Jelly Sandals: $13, Go Jane
          This is not the only cute pair of jellies on Go Jane. I just thought these were the coolest and most interesting. If you've been wanting to try a lace up sandal but worried they were too clunky, a jelly is a good way to test the waters. It's the same structure, but it's transparent, so you're not quite as weighed down by color.

6. Hee Grand Bow Sandals: $14.99, AliExpress
          These are for the glitzy girly-girl. I like how they're more of a d'Orsay shape.

7. Strappy Glitter Wedge: $25.77, Amazon
          Jelly shoes don't just have to be flats! These jellies look like they're made of ricrac, and they come in both clear (with silver glitter) and gold.

8. American Apparel Flat Lattice Jelly Sandal: $10, Amazon
          These are pretty close to what I think of as a classic jelly shoe. The cool thing is that they come in both clear and opaque styles. So, if you really want to bring back your childhood, these might be just the ticket.

9. Diesel Walayla Himali Sandals: $48, 6pm
          A combo of jelly and leather is present here, but I still think they'd qualifies as jellies. Plus, I like this color combo. I'd wear these for sure.

Well, I hope you found something on this list you like! There are lots of jellies out there, and they're not expensive, so I say do it! Happy Thursday!

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