Spinster Shopping: Nice Lady

There's a Dollar Tree near where I take Miranda to doggy daycare. It's also next to a chinese restaurant I like, so I stop there in pretty frequently. I like to buy things like chip clips, cleaning sponges, and cokes there. This week, I even found miniature Martinelli's sparkling cider. Those little bottles were adorable.

Last night, after a trip to Fortune Cookie, I went into the Dollar Tree and found myself in the fragrance and personal care aisle. They had glitter body splash, and the 13-year-old inside me wanted to buy it. I refrained, but I did not refrain from looking at all the fragrance selections. I thought these were made especially for the dollar tree, but after doing a little googling, I discovered that this brand - European American Design - is also available on Amazon. They're a bit pricier outside of the Dollar tree, though. Like, fourteen times pricier.

There were lots of amazing fragrance names, but my favorite was Nice Lady. I just think if I wore this, I might smell like a nice lady. AND YOU WOULD ALL BE FOOLED. Just kidding.

Ok, so my next favorite was  one called Cautious. It's supposed to be a dupe of Britney Spears Curious, but somehow I don't think the name really translates. Curious perhaps projects the sort of flirty/sexy vibe fragrance companies are going for. Cautious, not so much. I mean, it's good to be cautious. This is probably a fragrance that would better describe how I feel with regards to other humans. But then, I guess I don't need any help smelling that way. I already am cautious. I couldn't find this one available for sale anywhere online, so I guess you'll have to go on your own Dollar Tree adventure. Honestly, though, I think you should anyway.

If you're into perfume dupes, check out this article. It's kind of interesting. And also, if you need to know about some more things that are at the dollar tree, you can check out this crazy haul video.

Enjoy! Happy Thursday!

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