What: The crazy houses of Staten Island

The other day I went down the Zillow rabbit hole and somehow ended up in Staten Island, New York.  The image above is just a silly doodle of my idea of a crazy house. The links I'm about to show you, though, are not silly doodles. They are real. So let's just get started.

1. 81 Copperflagg Ln
          I'm starting with this one because, compared to the ones that will follow, this one is tasteful. I'd definitely take the pool area without any changes. But why in the world would someone need so many rooms? And so much wallpaper? And that black bathroom...

2. 775 Todt Hill Road
          If you move into this house, and you're not a native america, is that cultural appropriation? There are only three photos to this listing, but I am dying to know what the rest of the place looks like. I mean, that outside is a pretty strong statement.

3. 64 McCully Ave
          Well, things are really ramping up. My favorite part of this house, I think, is all the pearlized furniture. That chair in photo 7/26 with the leopard arms.I feel like this house could very easily have been featured on The Sopranos.

4. 120 College Place
          The interior of this house nearly gave me a seizure. I can't even understand. Of particular note: Photo 5/37, the figurines on the mantle in 8/37, the ceiling in 17/37, the crushed velvet bed in 21/27, and all that pattern in 30/37. Really, this is a masterpiece.

5. 738 Todt Hill Road
          Somehow this 12,000 square foot home (yes, that is correct. twelve thousand square feet) manages to look cluttered. How did they even do that?

6. 120 Nicolosi Drive
          I'm pretty sure this house has a murder basement. I could be wrong, but it sure does look that way.

7. 70 Wards Point Ave
          I saved the best for last. This one has the best art by far. I feel like someone who likes the southwest so much maybe shouldn't be living in Staten Island. But maybe that's just me. This person was an internationally known artist. Note the christmas hand towel in photo 7/33. Also, the dolls in 17/33.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour through the million-dollar homes of Staten Island. You're welcome.

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