Just For Fun: Quick Painting Video

This past weekend, as part of their Pentecost celebration, my church asked if I would perform a live painting during one of the songs the choir had planned. I was a little nervous because the song was only minutes long, and the paintings I usually do take many days from start to finish.

The first round was a little tough, and I was not pleased with the painting I created. However, I thinned out my paint a little and painted the ground of the canvas before the next rehearsal, and that one turned out much better! The one I made in the actual service could have been a little better composed, but for something that took five minutes, I think it turned out ok. Plus, it was fun!

So, I thought that, for fun, I'd make another, smaller one for this blog and for Youtube. I taped most of it wonderfully, but I didn't realize that, on the last round of filming, my phone decided to stop halfway through, so there's a chunk missing. Still, I thought I'd use the video anyway for fun.

Here it is...Check it out!

Love it? Need it? Have to have it? Well, you're in luck. I posted it on my Etsy store. I'm linking below in case you do. Just click the image, and it will take you where you need to go!

Happy Thursday!

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