One Last Painting Before The Show

My preparations for the Chastain Park Arts Festival are almost complete. I finished sewing my curtains yesterday, my mesh hanging walls are complete, and I even have a tote-cooler with some reusable cold know, for snacks. I still need to wire the back of a couple of paintings, make price tags, and make a list of everything I'll need to bring...oh...and this one last painting.

I decided to try a little something different for this show and paint something that's not a human or an animal. It's alive...but it's a tree. The only correct color in this painting right now is the light blue on the very bottom. Sometimes it takes me a little while to adjust the colors the way I want them. At times I think it would be nice if this photoshop command existed in real life. But then it wouldn't be a painting, and it wouldn't be quite so special.

I'm hoping to finish this painting before the show, but of course you can't really rush these things. So, we'll see if it gets done!

All right, I must get back to work, but Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend!

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