Spinster DIY: Packing Paintings

So, I've been getting ready for my very first outdoor art festival for several weeks now. Aside from the actual art-making, I've been doing all sorts of other things. There's the practice tent-setup, the display planning, and just logistics in general. There's an artist who lives lives near me who has been so gracious in fielding all my questions and giving me really good info and advice. I need to tell you to check out her work. But also, today's post is one of the tidbits she and her husband have given me that I like the best. I think you can use it, too.

Packing paintings and framed artwork can be a little dicey, especially when they're bigger than the standard size of bubble wrap or padded envelopes. Now, before I go any further, I have to tell you that this is just for carting things around in the car or maybe in a moving truck you're packing and operating yourself. I don't know that I'd just slip a painting in here naked and trust it to the post office. However, these reusable pouches are pretty amazing.

Above you'll see the illustrated instructions, but below I'll go into a little more detail.

1. First, you'll start with your painting.
          How big is it? At Home Depot, they offer two different sizes of bubble foil insulation. It's a little pricey, but if you're carting something worth more than a couple hundred dollars, then this'll do nicely. Plus, depending on the size, you'll be able to get more than one pouch out of a roll.

2. Purchase the correct size of insulation

3. To measure what size your pouch should be, lay the painting down on the unrolled foil and fold over. Leave enough at the top to fold over and make a flap. This is how you'll make sure your painting doesn't slip out.

4. Cut.

5. Tape the sides, but remember to leave the flap at the top.
          You can use any sort of packaging tape, gaffer's tape, or duct tape. I used the foil tape you get in the insulation section at Home Depot. Next time I may use something cheaper, but I do like how you can cut the right length and then peel the back off as you tape it down.

6. Tape on your string
          Now, you don't have to do this step if you'd rather tape it closed or use adhesive velcro. I think this is a nice way to close, though. I used a neon pink cording I found at Home Depot. (This is not a sponsored post...but Home Depot is closest to my apartment.)
          You'll want to leave at least six inches of string hanging down from the top flap. Then, wrap the string around the pouch toward the back. Just below where the flap will fall when folded over, tape down the string , but make sure there's some string left over to tie a bow. I like to wrap my string around the entire thing a couple more times before leaving enough length to tie a bow. I think this makes it more secure...you know, like those journals.

7. Slip your painting in, wrap the string around, and tie a bow! You've got a safe way to store or transport your artwork!

I think you could use this idea for lots of different things, but currently I'm using them for artwork transportation. Leave a comment here or on The Spinsterhood Diaries Facebook Page if you have more ideas!

Want to see all the paintings I'm transporting? Come find my booth this weekend at The Chastain Park Arts Festival!

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