Spinster Shopping: Guys' Wall Art

Earlier this week, I brought you some gift ideas for your soon-to-be college ladies. Today, I have come up with some wall art ideas for the guys in your life. I tried to encompass a range of different interests here while still choosing some cool imagery. So let's get to linking!

1. Ramen by Ariakay: $34, Society6
          This art is great for anyone who loves Ramen or loves to eat. It's great for a kitchen..or any other room in the house.

2. "Pike" by C. Jeremy Price: Prints from $70, Saatchi Art
          For the fisherman or the chef. I feel like ordering art from Saatchi would make you feel pretty fancy.

3. Breaking Bad by Caleb Boyles: $40, Society6
          For the Breaking Bad fanatic. And, let's face it...who doesn't love that show?

4. Basketball Court Schematic Diagram Poster: $10.59+, Quantum Prints on Etsy
          Quantum Prints offers more than just basketball court diagrams. I think this is the coolest idea for a sports fan. It's better than just a sports poster or a mascot image.

5. Retro Gaming Poster: $18.24, Handz on Etsy
          For the gamer. I'm not sure if the youngsters going to college now would even recognize these controllers, but I like the idea of this graphic.

6. Number 86 by Jeff Larson: $40, Society6
          Color blindness is something that lots of guys have. What better thing to put in a guy's room than a color blindness test? Plus, if you aren't color blind, it still looks pretty cool.

7. Custom Watercolor Pet Portrait: $135 +: Coconut Towers on Etsy
          Dogs are man's best friend. So, why not gift a guy with some custom artwork of his bestie? This would be something they'd want to keep around for a while.

8. Bill Murray at Steve Zissou by Liana: $37, Society6
          For the West Anderson or Bill Murray Fan. This may look like a regular fisherman, but if you've seen The Life Aquatic, then this piece means a little more.

9.  Harley Davidson 1928 Patent Artwork: Prints from $36, Fine Art America
          Another diagram. I think diagrams are a really cool idea for guys' rooms. This one is for the guy who has a need for speed.

10. Tattoo by Mouni Feddag: $35, Society6
          This is for an artsier guy or the tattoo fanatic. I like how whimsical it is and all the bright colors.

Ok! Well, that's it. I hope you've seen something you like! Happy Thursday!

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