Spinster Shopping: This Outfit I saw...

So, at one of the stoplights near my apartment, there's a bus stop. Most of the people who wait there look like they're college students, and I guess that makes sense. But of course they could be going anywhere. But that's not the point here.

A few days ago, I was in my car at the light, and I saw this girl crossing the street. She looked like a college student, wearing a backpack, but I thought her outfit was so cute. It was simple and casual, but it also looked like she'd made a little effort - but not too much. You know, the appropriate amount to go to class. So, I did a little searching, and I found some similar things. I don't think my body is conducive to this outfit anymore, but maybe yours is.

Let's look at what we've got here.

1. The Tee: $23 on Amazon:
          The girl who crossed the street was wearing a Lord of the Rings shirt made to look like the NASA Logo. Well, as good at googling as I think I am, I didn't find that tee within my 5 minute search. But, I think the actual NASA logo is pretty cool, and this tee is the same color scheme as hers was.

2. The Belt: $8.07, Asos:
          The skirt she was wearing didn't have belt loops, but she added a skinny tan belt to break up all the blue.

3. The Skirt: $14.60 on Amazon:
          So, I don't know if this girl's skirt was actually pleated chiffon. It was pleated, and it was flowy, and it hit at about mid thigh or a little lower. This is the part of the outfit I'd have to modify if I were going to try to wear this look. I'm not ready for a mid-thigh-length skirt anymore.

4. The Shoes: $44.99, Modcloth:
          This girl was wearing black and white spectator flats with cutouts on the side. They were cute, but I couldn't find any that really looked like hers. I think these are pretty cute, and they match back to the belt.

So, anyway, that's what a girl I saw this week was wearing, and I thought it was cute. Now I feel a little bit like a creeper. But Happy Friday!

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