Spinster Shopping: Wall Art

Graduation time is upon us, so you may be thinking of what sort of special thing you can get for your favorite grad. Or maybe you're just looking to update your own room. Whether you're decorating a dorm or a room in your gigantic house, some new wall art could add some fun and personal punch to your walls.

I did today's shopping with a dorm room and college-aged girl in mind, but fear not! I'll do a post on art for guys soon, too. So, let's get started!

1. Cactus n' Baskets Framed Art Print by Good Objects: $36, Society Six
          For your friend who loves plants but can't keep the real thing alive. Just frame some for her wall!

2. Monica Ramos Tiger Print: $30, Big Cartel
          This print is of wild things in a serene color palette. Great for a wild girl's peaceful oasis.

3. "Going to the Pool" framed print by Babeth Lafon: $35, Society Six
          This is called "going to the pool," but I think it also looks like some sort of study or travel kit. Great for a student.

4. Sunglasses Watercolor Illustration (Framed): $25, Sarah J. Jones Art on Etsy
          Ok, yes. This is a shameless plug. It comes framed, though, and it's perfect for the girl whose future's so bright she's gotta wear shades.

5. Kate Miss Composition 2:B: $20, Kate Miss Creative Studio
          For the minimalist in your life. Great if she doesn't know what colors she wants to use yet. Here's a ready-made palette.

6. Summertime Framed Art Print:$33, Swanderful Things on Society Six
          I love this. It's so simple and graphic, and it could help me feel like I was at the beach even when it's cold outside.

7. Library Masquerade by Marisol Spoon: $18-$195 depending on the options you choose, Marisol Spoon
          I saw Marisol Spoon for the first time at an art festival recently. Her husband makes all her frames, and they are amazingly intricate. This is a great piece for the quirky, artsy, or bookish girl.

8. Abstract Flower Illustration: $27, Studio Legohead on Etsy
          Studio Legohead also does custom pet portraits, and I think they're really cute. This, however, is also really cute and is a little more universal.

9. Fashion Wall Art: $20, AKR Design Studio on Etsy
          If you couldn't tell by all the other "objects" artwork I posted here, I'm liking that pretty well right now. I like that this is black and white and includes some accessories. It would pretty much go with any room. A close runner-up to this one, though, is this Denim Cutoff Collection from Good Objects.

All right! We're finished. Enjoy your shopping and have an excellent Tuesday!

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