#WIPWednesday: A Tiger Cub

So, yesterday I said I'd be making a wall art shopping guide for guys, but I haven't quite found all the best art for them yet, so I'm showing you a #WIP for WIP Wednesday. Well, ok, it's only a work in progress because this photo is of the painting as it was drying. It's dry now.

I had planned to do this painting in time for the show at Chastain Park, but it was not to be. I had a custom order, though, for a child with an orange face, so I took advantage of the paint I'd already mixed when I was finished, and made this painting. And, I've posted it on my Etsy.

Also! I found out this week that I've been accepted as an exhibitor at the Morristown Armory Craft Market this October. So, if you're in the New Jersey area, come see me!

All right, that's it! Happy Wednesday!

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