Thursday, June 30, 2016

New Items In The Etsy Store!

beyonce, fashion-illustration, succulents, glasses, sketch, art, watercolor

So, I think the basket of sketches was a good idea for my booth this past weekend. It offered some things at a lower price point, and it's always fun to brows a bin of anything. But! I had some leftovers. So, yesterday I put a few of them on my Etsy in case you're interested. I still have a few more to add, but these are a good start.

These are all original sketches, not prints. I drew them on paper with black prismacolor pencil. The ones that have color have been watercolored a little.

If you want to check out these sketches and more, you can visit my Etsy site here:

Well, that's all for me! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Spinster Screening: The Neon Demon

elle-fanning, elle-fanning-gif, the-neon-demon-gif

So, I love Elle Fanning. I think she's positively resplendent. That's why, when I saw advertisements for her most recent movie, The Neon Demon, I was intrigued. The previews didn't show much about the plot. It just looked like some kind of long fashion film. Now that I think of it, that's basically what it was. Below there are going to be some spoilers, so if you don't want that, then don't read any further.

The movie starts out with an innocent 16-year-old Elle Fanning. She's come to Los Angeles to become a model, and she apparently doesn't have any family. She stays in a roach motel where Keanu Reeves is the lecherous rapist of a manager. The overall vibe is just straight up creepy.

After the first photoshoot of the movie, Elle Fanning's Character, Jessie, meets a makeup artist who takes her under her wing. With the makeup artist, Jessie meets two other models who are older and much more jaded.

Jessie beats one of these models out for a part in a runway show. At the runway show, Jessie's chosen to close the show (this is the most important spot for a model in a runway show). The weird thing is that they don't actually show the runway show. There's this weird montage of Elle Fanning's face inside a mirrored triangle. Then, there's a really long shot of this neon triangle demon? I'm not even sure.

This is the turning point of the story for Jessie, and she starts thinking she's a huge deal and being mean to people. After the show and some drinks with the designer and some models, she goes back to the motel and lays on her bed. Then Keanu Reeves tries to get into her room and when he can't he attacks the girl next door.

Jessie calls the makeup artist and goest to her house...which she sitting? That was a really weird moment in the movie. She said she was house sitting as if she wasn't really house sitting. I still don't know what the deal was there. But the makeup artist tries to force herself on Jessie, and Jessie pushes her away.

Then...there is a scene I don't want to talk about because...ew. The makeup artist works in a mortuary, though, so...

When Jessie wakes up, she does her makeup with lots of glitter one only one eye. (Again, no idea). She puts on this dress that's laying on a bed (but not in the bedroom she was staying in, so that was sort of confusing. Like, why was this dress laying in a random room, and why was she in that room?)

The next thing you know, Jessie's being chased with knives by the makeup artist and the two other models. They push her into an empty pool, and it appears that she dies. Then there's this weird scene of the makeup artist lying under the moon and bleeding. Is she dead? What's going on there? I don't know. It was never explained.

Then we see the two models at a photoshoot, but one of them is just watching. They're talking bout people who have beat them out of jobs, and a third model asks what one of the models did when someone beat her out of a job. And then she says "I ate her." So...I guess they ate Jessie after she fell in the pool? WHAT!?

Then, during the shoot, the other model from killing Jessie starts to feel sick. She runs off the shoot and THROWS UP AN EYEBALL. Then she kills herself with scissors. Then the other model EATS THE EYEBALL.

You guys. I can't. I can't even. I don't even know what happened there. Like, did I see this movie, or was it just a terrible dream? It made about as much sense as a really bad dream.

In short, I don't really recommend this movie. At least, don't go see it in the theater. I'm still processing. I wish I could get that two hours of my life back.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Spinster Thoughts: It's Too Hot To Live

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is too hot to live right now. All I can do is seek air conditioning because shade is not even enough. Every time I go to walk Miranda I feel like I'm stepping into an oven. So, I just needed to make a gif about it. It is, indeed, too hot to live. It's also too hot to think clearly or move or touch the steering wheel of the car.

Stay cool and hydrated and have a happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 27, 2016

O4W Park Arts Festival Recap

The Old Fourth Ward Park Arts Festival is now complete, and I couldn't be happier to be in the air conditioning. On the first day of the show, the temperature was 98 degrees, but I think the heat index was 112. But let's talk about the show.

Above you'll see a photo of my art trade with Silas Reynolds. I am so excited to hang this painting in my apartment! I think it goes really well in my bedroom, but I want people to be able to see it, so I'm torn. Either way, this was an excellent perk of doing the last show - meeting Silas and arranging a trade!

The sales at my booth this time were much better than at the last show. The basket of sketches, prints, and watercolors was a nice way to bring people into the booth, but I sold some paintings, too! The little pug you see in the background of this photo was sold, as was a painting of a chihuahua and three others. My brain isn't working right now to remember which ones. I love the idea that more of my paintings are hanging on walls around Atlanta.

My mom was a huge help and arranged the paintings in my booth before the show started. She has a better eye for that sort of thing than I do. She also took this photo of me standing in my booth. I was already pouring sweat at this point, but I survived!

I'll be adding some of the leftover sketches to my Etsy later this week, and I'll let you know when they're up in case you're interested. For now, though, I'm going to sit here, eat some breakfast, and enjoy this air  conditioning. Happy Monday!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Spinstergram: Scissors

Well, the day has come! I'll be setting up my tent this afternoon, and then tomorrow is the Old Fourth Ward Arts Festival! It's going to be a hot one, but I hope there will still be lots of foot traffic.

Above is an admittedly very bad photo of the last painting I was able to finish before the show. It's pretty big. It would look great over your sofa. I'm just saying.

All right. Well, check up on my Instagram (@Jonezee85) to follow the progress of my setup and the show!

And oh yeah..HAPPY FRIDAY!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Spinstergram: A Giraffe


I just ate a bowl of cereal with about a quarter the amount of milk it needed. But, I'd already poured the cereal before I realized how little milk there was. Sigh. Such is life. I know you know how I feel.

Here is a prismacolor-and-watercolor giraffe I made a couple days ago. I just Instagrammed it this morning. I think he's pretty cute. But not as cute as Miranda the puppy.

In other news, I'm reading a book that I'm having a very hard time putting down. My mom gave it to me maybe a year ago, and I am just now getting around to reading it. The book is called Sarah's Key, and it's written by Tatiana De Rosnay. Half is set in 1942, and half is set in 2001 (I think.) The chapters alternate between past and present. Thus far, I've found the 1942 chapters vastly more interesting, but the more current chapters have started getting good, too. I'll report back when I'm finished.

That's all for me! I must go get on the treadmill. (Booooo). Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Spinstergram: Another Beyonce


So, the Old Fourth Ward Arts Festival is coming up in a few days! If you've been following my Instagram, then you know what I've been working on. However, if you haven't, then here's one of the images I posted yesterday. It's Beyonce in black Prismacolor on paper with a watercolor halo. I think it turned out to be pretty cool!

Ok, back to work with me! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Spinstergram: Prints And Another Watercolor

Yesterday, I stopped by the leasing office, and my prints had arrived! I only ordered a select few, but they turned out to look quite nice. If you're unable to make it to the show this weekend but you really need a bulldog or cat or giraffe or lamb print, fear not! You can just order one straight from the printer. I'm embedding a thumbnail and link below.

Additionally, I added yet another watercolor/sketch to my collection for my browsing bin yesterday. In case you missed it on Instagram, I'm adding it here.

potted-succulent, watercolor-succulent

Welp. That's it for me today. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Spinstergram: Daenarys Targaryen

mother-of-dragons, where-are-my-dragons, daenarys-stormborn, khaleesi

So, since I've been doing a lot of watercolor/sketching practice lately, I thought I'd make some fan art for yesterday's episode of Game of Thrones. I won't spoil it for you because I haven't even watched it yet. So, you're in the clear.

Today's image is a drawing I did of Daenarys Targaryen, the mother of dragons. This is, in fact, the second rendering of Emilia Clarke I've posted this month. She looks much different with all that white hair, right?

The rectangle in the background is a little distorted because I stood the drawing up to take its photo. It's to actually curved like that. For this drawing I used black prismacolor pencil, watercolor pencils, and regular watercolors.

Want to see what else I've been working on? Follow me on Instagram (@Jonezee85).

Also! (And I'm going to remind you every day this week, probably) If you're in the Atlanta area this weekend, please stop by the Old Fourth Ward Arts Festival and say hello! I'll have a tent with my pop art portraits, but I'll also have a bin of sketches, prints, and watercolors, too. Put it on your calendar!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spinster Binge: OITNB

oitnb, crazy-eyes, orange-is-the-new-black-crazy-eyes

In case you haven't been on the internet at all in the past couple of days, I'm happy to inform you that Orange Is The New Black is back! I've been watching it like my name is Crazy Eyes. I'm only on episode two, and the action hasn't really picked up yet, but I can feel something brewing. But then it's prison. something is always brewing.

Luckily I am going to a General Assembly event later today, so I won't be spending the entire weekend on the sofa. I must savor this new season, and so should you...unless you're squeamish about the things that might happen in a women's prison. Then you definitely should not.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 17, 2016

#WIP: Pit Mix Portrait

painting-of-a-pit-mix, pet-portrait, pet-portraits, dog-painting

One of the coolest things about doing art festivals is meeting other artists. If you make friends, you might just get to trade artwork!

At my last festival, I met an artist named Silas Reynolds and his wife. Silas makes really cool, really modern art. Sometimes it's just patterns and colors, and sometimes there's a more visible subject. Well, we decided to trade.

Above, you'll see the portrait I'm working on of the Reynolds's dog. It's a whopping 36" x 36". In return, I'll get a 36"x36" painting from Silas that matches my apartment. I'm very excited.

Stay tuned on my Instagram (@Jonezee85) to watch this painting progress. Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Spinstergram: More Watercolor Practice

So, if you're following my Instagram, then you've been seeing all my watercolor practice. But, in case you haven't, I'm sharing here again this morning.

The first image I made from a reference photo I found on Rookie Mag. Two sisters had done a photoshoot at their house. I particularly liked this scene.

This second one is a portrait of Nicki Minaj. I found one that's a little more natural than her usual look. I think this was for the cover of Maxim, but I'm not sure. This was, by far, my least popular post yesterday, which I think was kind of interesting. The Beyonce post was about twice as popular. Is that a statement about Beyonce vs. Nicki Minaj, or is it more that my portrait of Beyonce was just better than this one.

Anyway, stay tuned! I'll be starting on a dog portrait in the next few days, and hopefully I'll be posting some photos of the work in progress.

All right! I'm going to start working now. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Spinstergram: Beyonce

So, I ordered a few prints of my paintings for the upcoming Old Fourth Ward Arts Festival, but I thought I needed to fill out my selection with some other stuff. As such, I've been making some sketches to put in the box along with the prints. Yesterday, after drawing a banana and a little fashion illustration, I decided to try out a little watercolor-and-prismacolor portrait of Beyonce. Amazingly, it's already been sold! But, I thought I'd share it here with you in case you missed it on my Instagram.

I'll be making more sketches and watercolors today, so stay tuned to Instagram (I'm @Jonezee85) to see what develops! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Spinster Thoughts: Oh, The Humidity!

Everyone knows Atlanta is hot. Lately, though, I feel like I can't even go outside. Stepping out my door to walk Miranda feels like I'm going from a normal, habitable temperature right into the witch's oven in Hansel and Gretel. An oven, though, might be preferable. I assume oven heat is dry heat. Here in Atlanta, it is not so. This is some hot, sticky, saturated air that hangs around your body like an unwanted second skin. In fact, the thought that comes to mind every time I'm out in it is that I feel like I'm walking around inside someone else's mouth. Disgusting.

So, in honor of the heat and humidity here in Atlanta, I've made a gif today. This tropical climate makes me want to say "oh, the humanity," but instead, I'll say "oh, the humidity."

Monday, June 13, 2016

Spinster Screening: Me Before You

emilia-clarke, khaleesi, nicholas-sparks, emilia-clarke-gif

***Edit: Apparently Me Before You was written by Jojo Moyes, so...most of this post is wrong. Oops! Sorry, spinsters!***

The movie version of The Notebook came out the summer before my freshman year of college. I cried so hard that I wasn't sure I could handle another Nicholas Sparks movie. I have, until now, avoided them. I can only handle that sort of synthesized emotional upheaval once every decade or so. However, I've been watching Game of Thrones, and when my friend Leslie suggested we see Me Before You yesterday, I agreed because I wanted to see Emilia Clarke in something other than Game of Thrones.

The movie also stars Sam Claflin, whom you might recognize from The Hunger Games as well as Matthew Lewis (AKA Neville Longbottom) from Harry Potter. Also featured are Janet McTeer (since we're keeping on them with YA movies, you'll remember her from the Divergent series) and  my favorite, Brendan Coyle (AKA Mr. Bates) from Downton Abbey. With this cast, I'm not sure how they could've gone wrong.

The story is of a wealthy, once-active paraplegic man whose parents hire a companion/caretaker for him, and of course, since it's Nicholas Sparks, a romance buds. All of this is fairly predictable, but Emilia Clarke is so charming that it all seems fresh.

As usual, I don't want to spoil anything for you. All I will say is that I was crying so hard by the end that I had to use the jacket I was holding in my lap to wipe my eyes and nose. Nicholas Sparks is just too much for me. Like, I know he's cheesy, but somehow he gets me every time. It's like a sneak attack.

Anyway, If you need a good cry, I highly suggest this one. I also suggest it if you want to see Khaleesi being beautiful and charming with brown hair instead of silver.

Ok! That's it. Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Spinster Video: ASMR Tee Shirt Tutorial

fashion-design, shirt-flat-sketch, t-shirt-flat-sketch, t-shirt-sketch, technical-sketch, flat-sketching-tutorial

So, when I was last at SCAD, one of the students asked if I made video tutorials. I told them I had a few, but I think this tee shirt tutorial might have been what they were looking for. However, I'm fairly sure they weren't looking for it in ASMR form. The last thing sleep-deprived fashion students need is my soporific voice. we are. I made it in ASMR form because I'm strange like that.

If you're having trouble unwinding this weekend, I highly recommend firing up this video. It will put you right to sleep. And, if that episode of Dexter's Laboratory is telling the truth, you may actually learn how to do some flat sketching while you snore.

All right, here's the video if you can endure it! If you actually need to know how to sketch a tee shirt, I suggest you click the "settings" button at the bottom of the window and watch at an increased speed.


Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Fun: Watercolor Cats

Well, it's Friday again, and I made a little something for all you cat ladies out there. It starts out a little blurry, but then it gets better.

If you've been enjoying these watercolor gifs and videos lately, you may be in luck! I'm doing another art festival in a couple weeks. It's here in Atlanta, and it's the Old Fourth Ward Arts Festival. I'll be showing my acrylic animal paintings, mostly, but I'm hoping to have a bin for prints and maybe a few watercolors.

Not able to make it? Well, you may be in luck! I've been adding a bunch of new things to the Zazzle Spinster Store, so you can now get some select prints there. I'm embedding a link to the art and posters page below.

Art and Posters
Art and Posters
by Sarah
Zazzle has recently added the option to order prints and posters already matted and framed. So, if you're gifting some artwork, they've made it even easier of you! 

Want an original but can't make it to the show? Well, I've listed a few of the paintings on my Etsy Store. Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

More Time Lapse: Cute Kitty Watercolor

I think we all know what I've been doing with my evenings lately. I've been doing a little practicing with my watercolors.

You may recognize something like today's image from the greeting cards I sold at the Christmas Indie Craft Experience. I think it's cute for a little girl's room. Or...a spinster's room. Or...just a cat lady's room.

Now, let's watch this video!

Happy thursday!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Photoshoppery: Kim Kardashian

kim-kardashian-face-swap, face-swap-kimye, kimye-face-swap

I was looking through old posts the other day and realized it's been a little while since I did some photoshoppery. And ever since Kimmy Schmidt called Kim Kardashian a "butt star," I've felt the need to photoshop her. However, this will be a SFW version. Don't you worry.

We're starting off with a Kim/Kanye face swap. These days that seems obligatory. I wouldn't say this one is my best/most believable work, but Kim does look really funny on Kanye's body.

Next, we have Kim trying to be a little kawaii. This is a new haircut for her.

We've all seen a lot of Kim, but this dance photo from the archives is a little something new. She's trying to look fierce in this strange combination.

Next, we have Kim when she was pretty deep in the child pageant world. Here, she's relaxing between takes of her show "Here Comes Kimmy Boo-Boo."

And Lastly, here's kim when she was doing a little experimentation with her hair. Those eyebrows are on point, but I'm not too sure about that hair.

Well, spinsters, that's all I've got for you! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Just for Fun: Time Lapse Watercolor Doodle

My latest spinster binge has been trying to catch up on Game of Thrones. I had to start at season four since that's where I left off. I find it hard to just sit and watch TV. I have to be doing something with my hands. So, I decided to make another time lapse video.

Above you'll see the result of my doodling. My scanner, though, isn't quite as sensitive to color as I'd hoped, so the colors are better in the video. My sister particularly likes a time lapse drawing video, so every time I make one, I think of her. So, Rachel, I hope you enjoy this one!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Spinster Thoughts: Bananas!

Last week I showed you a photo of my banana painting while it was still a work in progress. It is now finished and dry, and I've taken an admittedly low-quality photo o fit this morning. I made this painting by referencing a photo I took of a banana that was in my apartment. I like bananas, so I thought this morning we could talk about them.

Here are five things I feel like you should know about Bananas:

1. There is an International Banana Club based in California, and they have an International Banana Club Museum. The photos look amazing.

2. A friend told me over the weekend that eating bananas attracts mosquitos. According to NBC News' mosquito experts, though, this is an old wives' tale.

3. According to the Chiquita Banana website, bananas are actually giant herbs...who knew?

4. The bananas we eat are clones, and that specific variety might be in trouble. However, scientists are working to breed a more diverse population of bananas that may be able to help. 

5. Bananas contain tryptophan. They are also slightly radioactive.

So, enjoy a banana today! And then maybe get this banana hoodie.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Spinster DIY: The Birthday Crown!

My friend Karen's birthday was earlier this week, and so I thought she needed a birthday crown. I had seen tutorials online (like this one from Craftsy) on how to make wire flowers and fill the petals with nail polish, and I thought that would make a really lovely decoration for this crown. And, I just happened to have all the things I needed to get the job done.

I used two kinds of wire: armature wire from the hardware store and then a much thinner, more pliable wire I bought when I lived in New York from a jewelry supply store. And, thanks to my friend Sara, I have lots and lots of old nail polish (the older the nail polish, the better it worked on this project).

The end product looks very...ehem...home made. I'd like to try again and make something a little cleaner, but I think it was a very fun way to celebrate my friend and her birthday! Every birthday queen needs a crown.

Here are some closeup photos of the crown:

Happy Saturday! 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Fun: Watercolor Gif

Hooray for Friday! I'm sitting here eating a banana and posting some Friday fun for you. I thought I'd make this into a video to post on YouTube, but it turned out to be very short, so I thought "why not make it a gif?" Then you can watch it over and over and over. Or, more realistically, I will watch it over and over and over.

So, perhaps you're wondering about the shadow in this gif. Well, a funny thing happened. I used to use my desk lamp with a spring-loaded arm to both light my work and mount my tripod. Apparently, that was too much for the lamp to bear, though, and I actually recently broke it. This is a sad thing. A new one is on my shopping list. Perhaps this one will be stronger.

Happy Friday! I hope your workday goes by as quickly as this gif!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Taxes and Doodles

Something I didn't know before I became self employed was this: You have to pay taxes four times a  year. So, I spent yesterday morning doing math, being very grown up, and paying my taxes. Womp womp.

BUT! I did make some doodles last night that I thought I'd share with you today. You'll notice that the lady with the beach ball has no hands. The rest of the people have no bodies. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#WIPWednesday: Banana Painting

wipwednesday, work-in-progress, still-life-painting, paint-by-number-banana, painting-of-a-banana

Well, after a short break in which I mostly painted and took naps, I have returned! Yesterday I finished a painting a custom order I received from one of my visitors at the Chastain Park Arts Festival. Unfortunately, I can't share it with you here because it's a surprise gift! I love when I'm part of the surprise.

Since I finished the order yesterday, it was back to painting the banana I'd started a couple weeks ago. In honor of #WIPWednesday (or Work In Progress Wednesday) I thought I'd share a photo of the painting as it's not yet finished. This will be a piece I have on display in my booth , but I may just have to hang it in my bedroom between shows. It matches my color scheme.

I hope you've all had an excellent long weekend (plus yesterday). It's back to work with me! Happy Wednesday!