Spinster Thoughts: Oh, The Humidity!

Everyone knows Atlanta is hot. Lately, though, I feel like I can't even go outside. Stepping out my door to walk Miranda feels like I'm going from a normal, habitable temperature right into the witch's oven in Hansel and Gretel. An oven, though, might be preferable. I assume oven heat is dry heat. Here in Atlanta, it is not so. This is some hot, sticky, saturated air that hangs around your body like an unwanted second skin. In fact, the thought that comes to mind every time I'm out in it is that I feel like I'm walking around inside someone else's mouth. Disgusting.

So, in honor of the heat and humidity here in Atlanta, I've made a gif today. This tropical climate makes me want to say "oh, the humanity," but instead, I'll say "oh, the humidity."

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