Saturday, June 11, 2016

Spinster Video: ASMR Tee Shirt Tutorial

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So, when I was last at SCAD, one of the students asked if I made video tutorials. I told them I had a few, but I think this tee shirt tutorial might have been what they were looking for. However, I'm fairly sure they weren't looking for it in ASMR form. The last thing sleep-deprived fashion students need is my soporific voice. we are. I made it in ASMR form because I'm strange like that.

If you're having trouble unwinding this weekend, I highly recommend firing up this video. It will put you right to sleep. And, if that episode of Dexter's Laboratory is telling the truth, you may actually learn how to do some flat sketching while you snore.

All right, here's the video if you can endure it! If you actually need to know how to sketch a tee shirt, I suggest you click the "settings" button at the bottom of the window and watch at an increased speed.