Spinstergram: A Giraffe


I just ate a bowl of cereal with about a quarter the amount of milk it needed. But, I'd already poured the cereal before I realized how little milk there was. Sigh. Such is life. I know you know how I feel.

Here is a prismacolor-and-watercolor giraffe I made a couple days ago. I just Instagrammed it this morning. I think he's pretty cute. But not as cute as Miranda the puppy.

In other news, I'm reading a book that I'm having a very hard time putting down. My mom gave it to me maybe a year ago, and I am just now getting around to reading it. The book is called Sarah's Key, and it's written by Tatiana De Rosnay. Half is set in 1942, and half is set in 2001 (I think.) The chapters alternate between past and present. Thus far, I've found the 1942 chapters vastly more interesting, but the more current chapters have started getting good, too. I'll report back when I'm finished.

That's all for me! I must go get on the treadmill. (Booooo). Happy Thursday!

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