Spinstergram: More Watercolor Practice

So, if you're following my Instagram, then you've been seeing all my watercolor practice. But, in case you haven't, I'm sharing here again this morning.

The first image I made from a reference photo I found on Rookie Mag. Two sisters had done a photoshoot at their house. I particularly liked this scene.

This second one is a portrait of Nicki Minaj. I found one that's a little more natural than her usual look. I think this was for the cover of Maxim, but I'm not sure. This was, by far, my least popular post yesterday, which I think was kind of interesting. The Beyonce post was about twice as popular. Is that a statement about Beyonce vs. Nicki Minaj, or is it more that my portrait of Beyonce was just better than this one.

Anyway, stay tuned! I'll be starting on a dog portrait in the next few days, and hopefully I'll be posting some photos of the work in progress.

All right! I'm going to start working now. Happy Thursday!

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