Atlanta Spinstering: The Foot Fan Returns

So, when I lived in New York, I lamented the fact that I had to use a window unit air conditioner. I only had one, and it was in the main room, not my bedroom. To help it along, I purchased a box fan and placed it at the foot of my bed. I slept a lot better without flaming feet.

Since I've lived in Atlanta, I've had the luxury of central air conditioning, and I have taken full advantage. There are also overhead fans in every room of my apartment. However, yesterday, with a heat index of 102, I decided it was time to bring out my old friend the foot fan.

What a delight! I slept like a little micro pekingese. I don't know how well they sleep, but they are the babiest things I have discovered on the internet in recent memory. The only problem was that I had a dream where my brother and sister told me I "lack integrity." I hope that dream does not come true.

If you suffer from the flaming feet as I do, I highly recommend a foot fan. If you're a spinster then you won't even have to consult anyone.

Happy Wednesday!

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