Spinster Shopping: Four Items

I haven't done a shopping guide in quite a while, and I don't know if I think this really qualifies as one. Today I just wanted to share with you four things I recently purchased that I quite like. So, here goes!

1. DW Home Caribbean Breeze Candle:
          I got a small version of this candle at Marshalls for $2.99. I purchased it because it smells like my aunt Millie's house, and I love that smell. I don't know how she achieves the smell in her home, but for me, this candle will have to do.

2. S&T Always Off Makeup Removal Cloths:
          I bought these at Walmart on a whim, and they are so excellent. I was my face like regular, and then I go in with a damp one of these cloths, and you would not believe the amount of makeup that's still on my face. Now I feel like if I wash my face without one of these, i'm asking for trouble.

3. Cole's Cheese Sticks:
          I was at the grocery store buying spaghetti sauce when I decided to see if they had any bread I'd like to have with my meal. These Cheese sticks, in the freezer section, are out of control. They're dangerously good, but also high in calories, so be careful...

4. Women's Elke Slide Sandals from Target:
          Before I bought these, I'd been wearing the same pair of sandals for three summers. It was time to get a new pair. Thankfully for me, Target had these guys, and they were on sale for $18.95. I bought the gold ones, and I love them. Here's hoping they last the next three summers.

Ok, that's all for today! Happy Sunday!

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