A Fashion Doodle: Crop Tops

This morning, I have a little spinsterly doodle for you. Ok, well, I guess it's not really particularly spinsterly, but I made it so...here it is.

This is obviously about crop tops. I wish I could wear crop tops, but I am not a celebrity, I've got some chubbiness, and I'm almost 31 years old so...no. But, I did watch a movie recently where someone was really killing it in a crop top with high waisted pants. She, I believe, was 17 years old.

The thing about crop tops, though, is that I feel like they might always be at least slightly inappropriate for normal people. It's one thing if you're Kylie Jenner or Taylor Swift, but...in real life, I feel like it may be too much skin in the middle of an outfit. I may be getting old. I feel like that may be what this means.

Anyway...crop top thoughts. I liked drawing them, but I won't be wearing them. Happy Thursday!

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