Back To School Doodle and DIY

Target has started putting out their Back To School items, and that always makes me want to go on a school supply purchasing binge. But I'm not in school, so I guess it doesn't make sense. So, to quench my thirst for school supplies, I've made a little back-to-school doodle and searched some Back to School DIYs for your (and my) enjoyment.

So here's a list of ideas I thought looked fun!

1. Back To School Survival Kit from eBay.
          You can purchase the items for this project anywhere, but eBay's post does offer a list of things you might want to include.

2. Outfit Organization from Authentic Parenting
          This post looks like a bunch of words, but if you scroll down, you can get to the good stuff. I think this idea is also a perfect fit for those of us who have trouble picking out matching and/or appropriate outfits in the morning.

3. Confetti Pencils from Make and Tell
          Think if you used glitter nail polish!

4. Fruit Pencil Pouches from Damask Love
          I'm a sucker for a good pencil pouch. If you don't need a pencil pouch, perhaps you'd like a cute makeup pouch?

5. DIY Gold and Leather Office Supplies from Damask Love
          Part of this tutorial is a little advanced, but I think there's quite a payoff.

Happy Tuesday! Get to crafting!

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