Spinster Shopping: Miniature Care Package

My sister recently sent me a care package filled with tiny gifts, and I loved it. There were tiny gummy bears (yes, smaller than usual), a tiny body wash, candy corn pumpkins, the tiniest toothpaste I've ever seen, and much more. So inspired was I by this package, I've decided to make one of my own, virtually.

Let's discuss what I'd include:

1. Rollerball Perfume:
          This is the only kind of perfume I buy anymore. It's inexpensive and convenient, and it's a nice way to try a fragrance I may not be sure about. What would be even cooler (and tinier) is if you've recently gotten some of those teeny tiny vials of perfume samples from a recent cosmetics purchase. I love those, but I never use them.

2. Reese's Minis:
          I'm not talking about the foil-wrapped fun sized reese's. I'm talking about those itty-bitty ones you can find in a resealable orange pouch. They are magnificent.

3. A Mini Lotion:
          You can purchase one of these from the travel section in any drugstore, grocery, or target. OR, you can get one of the small lotions from L'Occitan. I think they're cute, and I love the metal tube.

4. Mini Solo Cups:
          Technically, I think these are supposed to be shot glasses, but I like to use them for mixing things for crafts. Whatever you plan on doing with them, they're little and cute.

5. Mini Post-its:
          These are, of course, really easy to find. They come in a bunch of colors, and they're really useful for office work. Done and done.

6. Mini Toothpaste:
          The mini toothpaste my sister gave me apparently came from some travel kit. It was less than half the size of a normal travel-size toothpaste. I'm not sure you can purchase those separately, but I think a travel toothpaste should also be fine. It is, after, much smaller than a regular tube of toothpaste.

7. Mini Nail Polish:
          Sometimes they sell these in multi-packs at places like Marshall's, and sometimes you can find them in the nail section at Walmart or Target. They're just smaller versions of regular nail polish...I guess in case you're not sure you're going to like it. If you can't lay your hands on one of those, there are also skinny bottles of nail polish with very skinny brushes for nail art.

8. Ritz Bits Crackers:
          Pictured here are the Cheese version of Ritz Bits, which I prefer. However, I am aware that most people probably like the peanut butter ones much better. Whatever you fancy, these are cute and tiny.

9. A Mini Soda:
          Bonus points if you're in Minnesota. But don't ship this in the mail. Something tells me that's a bad idea. When I buy these small cans of coke (there are a couple versions - the skinny ones, and the short, fat ones), I like to call them "cokelettes." It's like a piglet but a coke.

10. Mini Stud Earrings:
          These are really easy to find right now, and you can find pretty much any shape you'd like. If you're not in a place with a lot of fashion jewelry stores, you can also raid the kids' earrings section. The scale of those will be pretty small, too.

Ok! That's a wrap for today's care package post and a wrap for this week of care packages. I hope you've enjoyed thinking about what sorts of packages you might send or deliver to your friends and loved ones. Happy Friday!

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