Spinster Shopping: New Job Care Package

Since I did a new breakup care package last week, I thought I'd do a few more this week. Today we'll explore what you might include in a care package for someone who just got a new job! If their office allows them to receive personal parcels, this could be a wonderful break in their work week!

So, let's talk about what to include.

1. A Good Pen
          Some people have favorite kinds of pens. Some people don't. If your care package recipient likes a special kind of pen, get that one. If not, though, you should buy something pretty or fun or both. think Glitter Pens, or something with a nice pattern.

2. A gift card to a coffee spot near their new office
          Do a little google search and see what's closest in terms of coffee. You'll be making mornings or 3pm coffee breaks that much nicer.

3. Desk Snacks
          What's her favorite snack? Whether it be granola or chocolate, keep your friend's tummy from grumbling!

4. Desk Art
          If your friend has a BFF (like her cute puppy), give her a nice frame with that puppy in it. If not, you can just give her the frame, or you can pick out some cool art that will keep her inspired!

5. A big water cup
          This is the best way to stay hydrated during the work day without polluting the planet and wasting money the company could be using to pay you instead of buying cups. So, if she's in a creative field, go all out. If she's in a more subdued place, then go with a solid smokey grey or something metal.

6. A zipper pouch
          Every girl needs to keep some personal items in her desk drawer. Give her a pouch for these things so that not everyone can see her business.

7. A good notebook
          Whether patterned, foil printed, moleskine or leather bound, a good notebook can make going to meetings a little better.

8. A fun desk calendar
          A desk calendar with cute kitten pictures, funny sayings, good advice, or awkward family photos, can make getting the day started at work more exciting...especially on Monday when you get to peel off more than just one page.

9. Chewing Gum
          For a quick freshening for that post-lunch meeting. Just make sure she spits it out before going in.

10. Pain Reliever
          Ok, I think we all know work can be a headache sometimes...literally. But pushing through is important, so that's why keeping a desk bottle of pain reliever is so important.

All right! that's it! Now, go put together a package for your friend with a new job. Now that I think about it, you could just use this as a work survival kit for someone who's had their job for a long time. These are just necessary items...

Happy Monday!

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