I've Started Shipping Christmas Orders!

Yesterday I shipped my first two Christmas orders of the season. I shipped one Drawing to South Carolina and one Painting to Virginia. It's so fun to see where the portraits go around the country.

I found myself quite without any envelopes to send the drawing yesterday, so I hopped on over to Target (because that's the closest store to me that would carry them (which means I feel super lucky)), and I found this super cute striped padded envelope. So of course I bought this one, and I think it looks really cute with the Miranda sticker on it.

If you're thinking of ordering some art for yourself or a loved one and would like to get it by Christmas, make sure to submit your order soon. Submitting an order consists of all information : size, style (painting or drawing), colors (if it's a painting), and the photo you'd like me to use for reference.

For more info and samples of my work, you can visit www.SarahJJonesArt.com. For available sizes and pricing, please visit the pricing page here. Please remember I am able to accept orders via email only. (Here's the contact info page.)

All right! That's it for today.

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