Six Tiaras and Costumes to Justify Buying Them

I think every spinster should be the queen of her own domain. As such, a crown or tiara seems appropriate. But how do you justify such an expenditure if you're mostly going to wear it with your bathrobe while you watch Netflix? Purchase it "for a Halloween costume," that's how. So, today, I've found six semi-affordable crowns and tiaras from Amazon. After I give you the links, we can discuss what sorts of costumes you can concoct so that owning this crown afterward won't seem strange.

So, here are the links:

1. TinkSky Wedding Tiara: $8.99

2. Vintage Princess Tiara: $14.45

3. Stuff Crystal Crown: $20.98

4. Remedios Royal Wedding Tiara: $15.69

5. Pearl Flower Tiara: $26.99

6. TopWedding Emerald and Gold Crown: $16.99 (I actually like the ruby version better, but the emerald option had a better photo. There's also a Sapphire option.)

Ok, now that you know where to get these fabulous things, here are some costume ideas to justify this purchase:

1. A Queen:
          Of course, this is the most obvious, but it could be great. You know you've got some bridesmaid's dresses or old formals lying around. And let's be real. You're not going to wear them again. So, grab one of those, cut a circle in the center of a circular table cloth, cut straight up the center for the front opening, and voila! you've got a fabulous cape. I'm not sure that sentence worked, so i'm adding a little diagram, too. Make it extra fancy by adding a black and white feather boa at the collar or hem for a faux ermine look. Or keep it simple by using a brooch as the closure. OR, if you're willing to spend a little more, nix the cape and get a faux fur wrap. Of course, you could also make that look like ermine with a sharpie or a little bit of paint.

2. Miss America:
          Prom dress, formal, or bridesmaid's dress plus the tiara and add a sash! Bonus if you carry a trophy or bouquet of roses all night. Want to make it political? Be Miss USA and have a buddy dress as Donald Trump.

3. Queen of Hearts:
          Check out the ruby version of Crown #6 for this one. The rest I'll leave up to your interpretation.

4. Queen Elizabeth:
         Wear a floral 1980s granny dress with your crown. OR you could make it a little classier and wear a pastel skirt suit. This would work even better if your dog happens to be a corgi. OR you could carry this corgi purse from Etsy. Adorable.

5. Glinda The Good Witch:
          So, all of the crowns on this list are a bit smaller than the one Billie Burke wore in The Wizard of Oz. If you go with crown #3, though, you'll have a much easier time getting through doorways. This may be the appropriate time to purchase these marabou trimmed mules as well. I'm pretty sure you can lay your hands on something pink and fluffy to wear as the dress.

6. A Pageant Toddler:
          When I couldn't sleep one night, I saw a commercial for Perfect Smile Veneers online. They're basically adult flippers. If you're a fan of Toddlers and Tiaras, then you know what I'm talking about, and I don't need to tell you anything else about how to build this costume.

7. The Princess and the Pea:
          Going with a friend? You be the princess, and they can dress as the pea.

8. Queen Sugar:
          You could dress as the real Queen Sugar from Oprah's series, or you could make this into a pun and put candy all over yourself and wear the crown.

9. Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality

10. A Mis- pun
          Some ideas might include:
                    - Miss Communication : great if you actually work in communications - you could do something phone- or sign- related
                    - Miss Direction: attach a bunch of directional signs to your outfit, then add a crown and a sash
                    - Miss Fortune: a crown and lots of monopoly money
                    - Miss Fit:  A Crown, a sash, and your workout clothes.
                    - Miss Judge: Wear your graduation Robe, a crown, and a sash. Maybe add a gavel and a powdered wig.
                    - Miss Labeled: For the girl who loves her label maker. Just COVER yourself in labels, then add the crown and sash.

Ok, if you have any more ideas, leave a comment! Happy Shopping!

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