Some Halloween Spinster Thoughts


I can't promise that today's thoughts have really anything to do with Halloween, but they are thoughts, and I'm having them on Halloween, so they're Halloween Spinster Thoughts. Haha. I think they're probably just regular shower thoughts, but you they are.

1. There was a girl at my high school who had a tie dye L.L. Bean backpack. Instead of having her name embroidered on the bag, though, she had the words "gypsy moon" embroidered. Every now and then I think about that.

2. Yesterday I woke up thinking I would eat some cereal for breakfast only to find out that I had eaten the last of the cereal the morning before. I ate goldfish for breakfast, and while I was doing so, I wondered if I could just have added milk and eaten them like cereal. Then I googled it. I'm not the only person to ever have thought of eating goldfish as cereal. Here's a video from Good Mythical Morning:

3. Speaking of cereal, I went to Kroger yesterday, and Honey Bunches of Oats were all on sale for cheaper than the store brand cereal. I'm regretting not having bought more now that I'm thinking about tit.

4. Some shower thoughts I read recently that made me laugh:
           1. We're already living in space.
           2. Church is just the world's biggest book club.
           3. Imagine being naked and walking into a room where everyone wants to touch you. That's the life of a dog or cat. 
           4. Internet Browsers should wait to ask me if I want to save my password until after I have figured out if I input the right one. 

5. I bought a multi-pack of fun-sized M&M bags for Trunk or Treat. Literally no one wanted the plain ones, but I suspect there were more plain packets than peanut or peanut butter. I feel cheated. I bought cookie dough so I can use those plain M&Ms in a more appealing way.

Ok, that's all I have to say. Happy Monday!

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