Spinster Pins: A Little Inspiration for your Friday

It's Friday, and I thought you might want to do a little internet perusal. So, I searched Pinterest and a few other sites, and I found some things you might like to see. Some of these are Spinster-related, and some are less so. However, I think you'll find something on this list interesting. Let's have a look!

1. Apartment Essentials for Single Ladies from A Merry Life:
          I especially like her suggestion of a "go bag." I know whenever a fire alarm goes off I'm thinking "oh no! What do I even bring." This would help to solve that.

2. A Single Lady Soundtrack
          I don't know all of these songs, but the ones I do seem pretty fitting. This could be great for a spinsterly road trip.

3. 30-Day Single Lady Challenge from POPSugar
          While following this plan for an entire thirty days would have me feeling desperate and frustrated by probably the end of the first week, I think some of these things are great exercises, especially if you don't focus on the outcome. If I were to look at this as just one of those things where it's an exercise rather than a mission, I think it could really be great.

4. Recipe for One Chocolate Chip Cookie from Cooking Classy
          Ok, but let's be real. You can eat this entire cookie yourself. And, since you're a spinster, no one will ever have to know.

5. Fries Before Guys Printables from Studio DIY
          Ok, so these are labelled as Valentines on the original post. But why not make these for a girls' movie night? They're adorable.

6. This Bedside Pocket from The Container Store
          If your'e anything like me, you'll want to include some napkins, Zzzquil, and a lint roller (for dog hair) in there, too.

7. 6 Ways to Reuse a Bridesmaid Dress for Halloween from The Knot
          This is a weird article because it doesn't really explain itself. Nonetheless, if you're always a bridesmaid but never a bride (like I am), then you'll have plenty of dresses to work with, and I do think there are some good ideas here.

8. These Heels from Minna Parka are everything.
          So, if you're trying to woo me, these will at least get you a coffee date. Thanks.

9. I Just Wanna Drink Coffee and Pet My Dog Tee on Amazon
          This about sums it up. The problem is that the coffee drinks I like are like a million calories, and if I'm petting my dog, then I'm not doing work. But still, it's a very nice sentiment.

10. Political Tee Shirts from The Mountain
          The Mountain has a new line of tee shirts with past presidents and presidential candidates on them, and they are epic. I can't even describe them, so you'll have to look.

All right! That's it for me. Enjoy those links an have a happy Friday!

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