Spinster Shopping: Cat Tees from Alibaba

So, ever since I ordered a glittery phone case from Alibaba (which I broke this morning by dropping it on a very hard piece of gym equipment), I've been obsessed with looking at all their crazy merchandise.

Today, in true spinsterly fashion (pun intended), I thought I would present to you a collection of cat tees available to you through the website. Shipping can be free, but you have to be willing to wait for 20-ish days. Also, read the reviews. And, look at the sizing chart to make sure you're ordering the right size. Sometimes the measurements are in Centimeters, so pay attention to that, too. What you get may not be the highest of quality, but you're not paying very much, so sometimes I think it's worth the risk.

Ok, let's talk about what's in that collage up there.

1. Watercolor Cat Tee: $4.05
          With shipping, this one turns out to be around $6, but I think it's pretty. If you've got six dollars and twenty days to spare, perhaps you're willing to take the risk.

2. All Over Cat Print Tee: $3.15
          I love this. I think it'd be really easy to wear.

3. Nine Lives Tee: $11.82
          This has a hint of the nonsensical graphics you sometime get on ESL tees, but I still like it.

4. Cat Scream: $9.02
          The landing image for this page is not the dreaming cat, but it is listed as one of your options. Scroll down through all the color options. You will get a good little chuckle.

5. Multiple Cats Illustrated Tee: $4.84
          Again, the landing page for this style isn't the graphic I've pictured here. However, it's listed as one of the "color options." I like these whimsical cat illustrations.

6. Kitten Attack: $9.40
          I just love the absurdity of this image. You've got a laser cat, flying saucers, and beachgoers fleeing. All excellent.

7. Circle Cat Tee: $4.79
          I think this is cute and kind of fashion-y. However, I read some of the comments, and I think you'd better order a couple sizes up if you decide to go with this one.

8. Cat with Taco and Pizza: $9.74
          who could ask for anything more?

9. Cat Ears Tee: $9.87
          If graphic tees aren't your thing, perhaps a square-necked tee with cat ears at the neck is for you. Pretty cute.

10. Shocked Blue-Eyed Cat Tee: $9.74
          I just like this cat's facial expression.

Ok! I hope you find something you like here. If you're thinking of Christmas gifts, better order now...it's gonna take a while to get to you.

Happy Monday!

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