Yesterday's Digital Doodle

So, I'm sick. Like, lay in bed all day sick. I have a nose that's constantly vacillating between dripping like a faucet and feeling like I'll never breathe again. When I was awake yesterday, though, I did what I will call a little digital doodling. Above, you'll see the result.

Basically, I took a selfie that I had taken earlier in the week, raised the contrast in Photoshop until I thought it would break down into three colors - registration, white, and a middle tone. In illustrator, i changed the middle tone to a diagonal stripe pattern I had created. Then, I rasterized so that the image was a bitmap. Then, I colored it with Navy, Yellow, coral, and fuchsia, made the transparency "multiply," and moved them around. And voila! Here's my rainbow face. Please enjoy!

Tomorrow, some more halloween ideas.

Happy Sunday!

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