Same Shape, Two Prints

Yesterday I was looking at my Pinterest, and I saw these earrings. I'm not sure when or why I pinned these, but I thought the elements could be pretty cool as a print. So I whipped up a couple really quick, and here they are!

I think the first version in this post is my favorite. I think it's nice and graphic, but it's also sort of a stripe. And's sort of Art Deco-ish.

Here's the second one:

I think this one is pretty cool because it makes use of all the shapes created by the lines. However, I feel like the lines throughout make it kind of look chopped up. Is that a good thing? I'm not sure what I think.

I've scheduled this to post at 7AM, so by the time you're reading it, I'm already off to a super fun freelance gig...that I can unfortunately not tell you about because I signed an NDA.

All right! Happy Tuesday, and welcome to November!

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