Spinstergram: My First Quilt

As I mentioned yesterday, my first quilt is finished! It's pretty big, so I had a hard time taking a photo of it. Miranda, of course, has already claimed it as her own. It's not perfect, but I think it's a good first try. Let's talk about what makes up the quilt.

The Squares (from top left to bottom right):

1. Spoleto Festival USA 1998 Tee Shirt with art by Claus Oldenberg

2. A Beetles Tee from my aunt, Marsha, that is very dark and tonal, so you can't really see their faces in this photo

3. A Tee I screen printed with my friend Pat's face on it. She's an awesome artist and illustrator, so you should check out her website here.

4. Penland School of Crafts Textiles Tee from the summer I went there to learn weaving and dying.

5. A Converse College tee. I cut off the first and last letters, and I wish I hadn't, but I was just trying to make all the squares a uniform size.

6. AEO Better World Tee: This was our volunteer uniform when I worked at American Eagle Outfitters. I wore this one time cleaning up trash along the hudson river. I will not tell you all the sorts of filth I discovered there.

7. "WE 💙#18" Tee I made when my brother was playing college baseball.

8. "I'm Big On The Pig" Piggly Wiggly Tee (back side)

9. A tee shirt my sister designed when she was working for Creator Designs.

10. "This Girl Can Work It." I got this tee in college from Delia's, I think. After I bought it, though, I thought it was weird to wear this shirt, so I wore it under another shirt all the time.

11. Derby Day Sumter tee my cousin Katie designed. Unfortunately, Miranda wanted to lay on top of that.

12. A Citadel tee.

13. Spoleto Festival USA 2003 tee shirt with art by Susan Rothenberg.

14. Troy University tee from when my brother in law worked there on the coaching staff.

15. University of South Carolina Student Gamecock Club tee. If you joined the student gamecock tee for $25 when I was a student at USC, you could have a free ticket to every game.

16. The front graphic from that same Piggly Wiggly tee.

17. Cute Alligator tee I got from Delia's in college.

18. A Ninja tee drawn by Olivia Sui that I got for free when I interned at Anna Sui

19. Spoleto Festival USA 2002 tee with art by Elizabeth Murray

20. Hanson concert tee from when my friend Sydney and I went to see them at House of Blues. This is the back of the tee.

21. Anna Sui illustrated tee I got when I interned there.

22. My favorite solid teal tee from college. It was from Urban Outfitters, and because I was so tiny in college and everyone wore tight tees then, it was very tiny.

23. Greenville tee from Greenville, SC

24. Tee from the Art Institute of Chicago museum.

25. P15's American Legion Baseball team tee from when my brother played for them.

26. Feline Meow tee I got from Maria Nichol when I visited London. Loved this tee, but I gained a bunch of weight when I moved to Atlanta, so I couldn't wear it anymore. :(

27. Tee from my first student event at FIT.

28. Johnny Cupcakes tee. In my first year in New York, I took a trip to Boston on the train. I bought this tee, but I never really wore it that much.

29. Spoleto Festival USA 1977 tee with art by Christan Thee. Obviously I didn't get this tee in 1977. I think they might have brought this one back one of the years I went.

30. The front of the Hanson concert tee. I accidentally put this one in upside down, and I didn't even realize it until I was quilting that square. Adds character.

Ok, so the other things: I only use fitted sheets on my bed, so the light blue color is made from a top sheet I've had for years but never used. The border (which is actually wrapped around from the back) is from a set of sheets I got on Gilt when I lived in New York. Believe it or not, I actually wore a hole in the fitted sheet, so I just had the top sheet lying around.

That's it! That's my quilt. I'm very excited to have finished it, but now I want to make another.

Happy Tuesday!

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