Spinstergram: Weekend Creations

This weekend I did a little work fulfilling orders from the flash sale, but on my Sunday night, I did some other kinds of creating.

After my halloween project with the paper flowers, I wanted to try some other kinds. This is one kind I tried to perfect last night. I watched some Youtube videos beforehand, but I think I still want to try more kinds. These were fun and easy to make, though.

Next, this photos is actually from Saturday, but I definitely did a bunch of quilting sunday night, too. I just particularly liked the design of the stitching here.

Since this is my first quilt, it's far from perfect. But, I'm enjoying the experiment, and the quilt is already very warm and soft. Miranda approves.

When you think about this being my ideal weekend evening activity, it's no wonder that I'm a spinster. But I can't help it that quiet creation is my favorite. I think I would consider joining quilting bee, though.

All right. I hope your Monday is full of things you enjoy...or at least a good coffee or tea treat. Happy Monday!

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