Two Things from Tumblr

grilled-cheese-illustration, grilled-cheese-graphic

So, I have this bad habit of waking up super early and then spending lots of time checking all my social media. One of my favorite early morning websites is Tumblr. I feel like most of the people I'm following are probably in high school or college, which feels a little weird. On the bright side, though, they keep me hip (I guess).

The first thing I saw (and I could have seen this before, but if you haven't seen it, you need to) was this video about grilled cheese:

And then, there was this story about a man making silly requests at a hotel:

The comments below the post are the best. Former hotel employees say they actually like strange requests because it breaks up the monotony. So, start thinking of requests for your holiday hotel bookings!

Also, in my search for this video, I also found this picture of a man in a cheese suit. Enjoy!

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