Gift Guide: Clip-On Earrings

Before my grandmother passed away, I would always have a hard time thinking of what to get her for Christmas. Her ears weren't pierced, though, so I would always search for a good-looking pair of clip-ons.

Now, I have a friend around my age who doesn't have her ears pierced, so I have renewed interest in finding good clip-ons that don't look like the makers made do with the restraints of clip-ons. Today, I present you eight excellent pair of clip-on earrings for your shopping pleasure. Some are very affordable, and some are...fancy. So let's look at the links.

1. Royal Gala Clip-On Earrings: $14, Charming Charlie
          Very Pretty, and they come in two color ways.

2. Beaded Clip On Tassel Earrings: $21.22, Alingenue on Etsy
          I love these. I was looking for a pair of tassel clip-ons, and these were by far the best.

3. Flower Cluster Earrings: $16.99, Amazon
          While these are more in keeping with the sorts of earrings you usually see in the clip-ons section, I think they're fun, funky, and dimensional enough to be gift-worthy.

4. Gold Half Disc Earrings: $26+, GitasJewelryShip on Etsy
          I wonder if these would be less heavy on your earlobes than pierced ones are.

5. Soutache Earrings: $37, GiSouthacheJewelry on Etsy
          So, everything in this Etsy shop is beautiful. They are, apparently, going out of business, so if you love these - or this style - , you may want to head on over now. Very sad to see this shop go. I think it's really cool.

6. Turquoise and Ruby Snake Hoop Earrings: $200, Kenneth Jay Lane
          These are, of course, the most expensive earrings in the list. However, Kenneth Jay Lane earrings are pretty fancy, and I think these particular ones are quite unique.

7. Pink Shimmer Statement Earrings: $19.95, T.J. Max
          You can't tell in this image that the pink part is transparent. Fancy and funky.

8. Oval Clip On Earrings: $10.50, Shoptiques
          These are so very 90s in the best way possible. Very super model.

All right. That's it for me. Enjoy your shopping!

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