Gift Guide: For Your BFF

Today's gift guide is for your Bestie. Some years, you know exactly what you're getting her. Others, you know she knows what she's getting you, but you have no idea what to give her. I'm here to help.

1. Wave Dot Sock: $8.95, Happy Socks
          You knew I was going to include a cute pair of socks. I love Happy Socks. I think they make such fun, cute designs. But, really, any fun socks will do. Target has lots of them for a good price, so you could even use them as just part of your gift.

2. Handpainted Wooden Initial Keychain: $28, Jill Makes on Etsy
          I just really love this keyring. Really cute.

3. Rome Tee: $39.50, J.Crew
          So, if your friend hasn't been to rome or doesn't particularly love rome or whatever the case may be, j.crew has tees like this for London, Paris, and New York as well. I just liked the blue and white of this tee.

4. Party Straw: $10, Ban.Do
          These straws are a little expensive, but they're so fun. Could be great for your New Year's Eve plans!

5. "Single All The Way" Sleep Tee: $24, Victoria's Secret
          I mean...I may have to get this sleep tee for myself. It's pretty perfect.

6. Aerie Hi-Rise Play Legging: $20.97, Aerie
          I love that we've moved away from foldover yoga pants to high waisted leggings. They're much easier to work out in. I like that these are floral, but they also come in other prints as well.

7. Pink Radio: $29.99, Amazon
          I work from home most of the time, and while I work, I like to have NPR going in the background. It's easier than queueing a podcast and having to pause it. I just turn it on and let it run. My radio is a vintage one I bought on eBay, but if you think your friend would like a radio, then I think this is a pretty darn cute option.

8. Hexagon Hoop Earrings: $32, Hartmann Jewelry Works on Etsy
          I love how minimal these are, but they're something really different.

9. Leopard Scarf: $24.99, H&M
          I am a scarf hoarder. I think they're a fun way to punch up an outfit while keeping warm. I also like a good blush color story. Very cute.

10. Threshold Chambray Sheet Set: $22.39-$44.79, Target
          So, these are pretty basic sheets, and they may not be the exactly what you're looking for, but the idea here is simple: new sheets. I don't buy sheets for myself often, but I love having fresh ones at the ready when I decide to change them. Check stores like Tuesday Morning, T.J. Maxx, Home Goods, etc for deals on nice sheets. If you want to get solids, have the hems of pillowcases monogrammed for some extra pizazz.

11. Starbucks Anniversary Scale Mug: $12.95, Starbucks
          I went to Starbucks yesterday, and I thought this mug was so cute. Stuff the cute socks in the mug with one of those cute holiday themed Starbucks gift cards, and voila! A very useful gift that you can buy while getting your morning coffee. Well...except the socks.

All right! I hope that you found a gift idea here you can use for your best friend...or yourself. Happy Friday!

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