Gift Guide: For Your Dad

I'm back with the gift guides!

Today's guide is for one of the guys who's hardest to shop for: your dad. If these gifts seem sort of random, it's probably because they are. Dads have everything, so I did my best. Let's get started!

1. Men's Cloud Layer Pullover: $60, Eddie Bauer
          This is a great gift for your dad, brother, husband, or grandfather. It's cozy, and you know they'll wear it all the time.

2. Windshield Cleaner and Defogger: $6.41, Amazon
          I'm not totally sure how this works, but if it does, I bet it's a life saver.

3.PowerGrip LED Flashlight: $19.95, L.L. Bean
          I love these things. It's a flashlight you can charge by pumping the trigger with your hand. That way it's always charged.

4. Udderly Smooth Udder Cream: $5.34, Amazon
          Ok, so this is a weird one. However, I know for a fact that my dad likes this stuff. It's great for guys who have super dry, cracked hands in the winter. I think they might actually use it on cows.

5. Wooden Watch: $35.99, Amazon
          I think a wooden watch is pretty cool. It's warmer than metal to be sure, but it's also a bit more creative...and so manly.

6. Ice Scraper Mitt: $14.99, Amazon
          I own one of these, and I think it's great. Everyone should have one.

7. Classic Width Birdseye Tie: $26.99, Tommy Hilfiger
          This is a nicely-textured tie, but you don't have to get this particular one if you don't think he'll like it. Ties are always a safe bet...if the guy you're buying them for actually has occasion to wear a tie.

8. Hydro Flask: $29.95, HydroFlask
          These things are really cool. The one pictured here is supposedly for food, but I don't see why you couldn't also drink coffee out of it. They're just really good thermoses.

9.Chambray Shirt: $64.99, L.L. Bean
          I always think a nice, sturdy men's shirt is a good gift. You know they're not going to purchase this for themselves, but they'd totally wear it if they had one.

10. Wooden Pocket Knife: $14.44, Amazon
          I didn't even know that wooden knives were possible. Apparently they are, and I think they're pretty novel and cool.

All right! We're getting to crunch time. Happy shopping!

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