Gift Guide: Gifts for Guys

Now that I started with a college girl gift guide, I thought I should follow it with a gift guide for the guys. I suspect most of these things would be best for a college student or a guy in his early 20s. Still, I think a few of these items would be good for any guy. So let's talk about what's on the list. Most of it's from Amazon, so that's easy.

1. Rogue One Razor Gift Set: $9.99, Amazon
          Ok, so this isn't a great gift for non-Star Wars fans. But, if the guy shaves, and he does like Star Wars, then this is a good option. Plus it's only ten bucks.

2. USB Charger Keychain: $25.56, Amazon
          I think this is much better for men than the tassel. Still super useful in a pinch.

3. Flex Tank: $20, Amazon
          I don't advocate for men's tank tops. In fact, I don't like them. BUT if you're ok with them, then this could be a really funny gift for your scrawny younger brother.

4. Plaid Rugged Elbow Patch Shirt: $39.50, J.Crew Factory
          Cool and classic. Almost can't go wrong....unless he doesn't like red or plaid or...IDK. I'm getting old.

5. Beard Template: $14.99, Amazon
          I didn't know these things existed before yesterday. This is so weird that I just had to add it to the list.

6. Stripe Socks: $5.99, Steinmart
          Pro tip: Steinmart has lots of socks, and they are excellently priced. If you live near one, go check it out.

7. Shotgun Shell Coasters: about $45, Amazon
          For the hunter who has everything.

8. Organic Mushroom Farm: $21.71, Amazon
          For the guy who loves to cook...or loves to eat organic mushrooms? I just thought this was cool.

9. Breakfast Sandwich Maker: $24, Amazon
          If this were a gift guide for a woman, I wouldn't include this idea. We all already have too many tools and gadgets in our kitchens. However, for a bachelor's kitchen, I feel like this could work.

Ok, well. I hope this has given you some ideas! Happy Wednesday!

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