Gift Guide: Hidden Treasures

A couple years ago, I heard about Money Soap. The idea is that you get a bar of soap, and when you've used it all, there's money inside. It could be anywhere between one dollar and fifty. It's basically the long-game version of a scratch-off card. This, I think, makes it a fun option for the person who has everything.

After doing a little research, I discovered that money soap isn't the only sort of gift with a hidden treasure. So, today's gift guide gives you some of those options!

1. Money Soap: $14.95, Amazon
          This is a good gift for the guy who has everything. I'm not sure how it really smells, but the green color makes me think a guy would use it. Here's hoping it contains more than $14.95.

2. Pyramid Cash Candle: $19.99, Amazon
          This is a little pricey, but a lot of other candles are more expensive. And they don't come with money

3. Leo Jewelry Candle: $23.95, Daniella's Candles
          Great for your friend who's into astrology. They do, of course, make all the signs. I just chose Leo because that's my sign!

4. Secret Jewels Rose Petals Candle: $29.99, Amazon
          I love rose petal scents...and this one comes with a necklace surprise!

5. Rosewater Body Creme: $21.99, JewelScent
          I think this might actually be the most useful least to me and my dry hands and feet. I'm hoping the ring comes in a little capsule so you don't have to clean it.

6. Star Cash Candle: $27.99, Amazon
          I feel like this is a good idea for a kid or middle school student. I don't know that I can imagine many adults having a rainbow star candle out and about in their home.

7. Hidden Treasure Bath Bomb: $15.50, Amazon
          According to my Instagram feed, bath bombs are a big thing right now. But this one comes with a little sparkle inside! Win-win!

All right! Happy Friday!

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