Spinstergram: Finished Work

I'm taking a break from the gift guides today because...well, I didn't make one for today. Sometimes it takes a long time to find just the right things to include.

However, I have an image to share with you. It's not actually the finished product, but it was the most popular photo o this one on Instagram, so I thought I'd share.

I don't often get orders for colored pencil drawings, but when I do, I like to dive into the challenge. I'm particularly happy with the way the shading on the grandfather's shirt turned out on this one. There are a lot of different colors in there. As you know, white is the presence of all colors.

Now, the edges of this drawing are something I'd like to address. You may think the bottom of the Christmas tree looks awfully strange. That's because this drawing was supposed to be 8x10, and I drew it on 9x12 paper so that I would be able to make the entire drawing without going over the edges. So, all the edges of this drawing will be covered by the mat or framed once it's framed.

I shipped this one out yesterday and promptly started another portrait. If you'd like to follow along, my Instagram is @Jonezee85. Check it out!

Happy Thursday!

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