Etsy Shop Updated & Some DIY Valentines

Last week, I started working on my yearly round of home made Valentines. I do this instead of Christmas cards because...well, people get way less valentines than Christmas cards, and so this is more fun to get. At least, I think so anyway.

So, today I'm bringing you a list of cute Valentine DIYs that are more fun to make, give, and receive than the same thing you do every year. Of course I'll still be sending cards, but if you want to send me one of these ideas, I won't say no!

♥ Honestly WTF's DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet:
          Super cute and perfect for friends who aren't romantic partners. 

♥ Taryn Cox for The Wife's "You Rule" Valentine's Day Cards:
          Great for elementary school students, but equally as great for your creative coworkers. If this one's for adults, though, I highly recommend you give them a clear plastic grid ruler. They are my personal preference as a creative person. 

♥ Just Between Friends' Valentine's Day Muddy Buddies Mix:
          Get it? It's for your buddies on Valentine's Day. I'd eat it. 

♥ Made To Be A Momma's Valentine Socks Gift:
          Such a simple idea, but I love socks, so she had me at...well, socks. Target has really cute inexpensive ankle socks around holidays that are on theme. The thing about Valentine's day is that generally I'm willing to wear hearts year round. That means they'll get a lot more wear than, say, Christmas or Halloween socks. 

♥ Toy Caboodle's Valentine's Day Scratch Offs. This one's a video, so I'm embedding below:

♥ Bits of Everything's Just Write Valentine:
          Again, great for school kids, college classmates, or coworkers! Everyone likes a new pen or pencil. 

♥ Artful Parent's Heart Shaped Cherry Hand Pies:
          could someone just bring me one of these right now? Thank you!

♥ And lastly, this Wish Bracelet DIY from Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog:
          I'm sure you can also purchase cute little charms, too. I think wish bracelets and necklaces are really fun and cute, but I don't think they're worth the $20 you usually end up paying. So, voila! make some for your Valentine's Day Friends. Add a charm that sums up their personality OR one that embodies the wish you know they hope comes true. 

Now, go make those! 

Also, I have renewed some of the listings on my Etsy shop and added a couple new ones. I think I'll be adding a few Valentine's day cards in there soon, too. I'll keep you posted!

Happy Monday!

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