Friday Night Spinstering: Painting

Sometimes when you're a spinster, you like nothing better than to stay home and be creative. Who am I kidding, though? That's most nights for me.

Because I paint a lot of portraits, I mix a lot of colors. If I'm lucky, they don't run out while I'm still painting the portrait. The result of mixing enough, though, is that I usually have some leftover tubs of color lying around. Last night, I decided to play around with them on an odd-sized canvas I had in my studio/guest room.

The image above was the result of my painting fun last night. I left it to dry, and I'll probably mess around with it more today. I don't think it will end up being a painting of clouds.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get on the treadmill. ugh.

Happy Saturday!

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