Spinstergram: The Secret's Out...

So, remember when I went to Las Vegas over the summer? Maybe you don't, but I couldn't tell anyone why I went at the time. Today, though, you can watch it on TV!

I'm thankful to say that they definitely edited my segment (it originally aired here in Atlanta several months ago). I was a very nervous talker when I was there - so much so that Chris Harrison told me I was telling a very long story. Haha! How embarrassing!

Aaaanyway...if you want to find out when the show airs in your neck of the woods, visit the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire website, and find your local listing.

Looking at this photo, I sincerely hope two things: That the camera adds something more like 50 pounds and that I've actually lost weight since this photo was taken.

All right! Happy Wednesday!

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