Spinstergram: What I've Been Doing All This Time

Last night I dreamed that adding bacon to white wine turned it into just extra-delicious white grape juice. I'm not sure how it removed the alcohol. My guess is science.

Ok, now, I know I've been gone for quite some time. So, for today's post, I thought I'd share some photos of the things I've made since I've been gone. A lot of them I couldn't share before Christmas because they were surprises, but now all bets are off! Let's have a look:

We'll start with one of my favorite projects. I made this for my niece this Christmas:

Part of me made this because she's been really into the books Shoe La La and Fancy Nancy. The other part of me made it because I just...well, I would have wanted one for myself as a kid. I would have added trim to the sleeves, but if I'm honest, I didn't because stitching on the feathers were pretty hard to attach.

Next, we have the second quilt I've ever made:

I made this for my baby niece, who I like to call a chubbawub. She's so cute and chubby and round that she looks like a fake baby. Like a doll. She's very squeezable.

The story behind why it's satin: When I was little, I had a silk charmeuse little pillow. I'm guessing it was a crib pillow, but I have no idea. I loved that it was silky and could get cold. I called it "cold pillow," and my mom would put it in the freezer for me. I still like to be cold when I go to sleep.

Now for some things from my Instagram, so if you already follow me, you've seen these. Here we go:

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There are lots more on my Instagram, so if you want to check them out, head on over to @Jonezee85 and follow me!

Ok, now it's back to work for me! Happy Monday!

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