A Random Friday Post

If you follow my Instagram, you know I was out at a freelance gig yesterday. Unfortunately, I always have to keep all that happens in those meetings top secret.

Since this is a super random post, I want to share something with you that I think you might want to know. Have you ever been at the dentist, and when they put that lead thing on you to take your x-ray, you think "hmmm this is so nice." Well, you can get that feeling without going to the dentist. Weighted blankets are a thing.  Here is some stuff I found about them on the Internet:

1. This article on Forbes says they can help with high-energy kids.

2. This article on How Stuff Works says they're great for insomniacs

3. If you need something you can carry with you all the time instead of a blanket, fear not! Salt of the Earth makes weighted vests.

4. If you're a cat lady with anxiety, I've found  a prime-eligible option for you on Amazon.

5. You can also get a more normal-looking one at the especial needs store.

Ok. I hope this somehow helps you. Happy Friday!

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