Sunday, February 5, 2017

Spinster Shopping: Valentine's Day Candy

Yesterday's post was about chocolate, but I will acknowledge that not every spinster is a huge chocoholic. So, today I present you with some non-chocolate options, and my! They are pretty!

A lot of the items today on the can be bought in multiples, making them great for giving to friends instead of lovers. In other words, they're perfect for Spinsters.

1."Kiss Me" Sugar Lips: $7.50, Sugarfina
         My sister sent me some of these for my birthday, and they were so cute. They come in a neat little box, and they're delicious, too!

2. Valentine's Day Candyfetti Sprinkles: $35 for 12 packets: SweetsIndeed on Etsy
          I think you can use these on cupcakes or just straight up eat them like nerds. Either way, they're super cute, and this listing comes in cute little packets which are perfect for mailing or leaving on coworkers' desks.

3. Mini Valentine Sweet Skewers: $48 for 12, SweetsIndeed on Etsy
          I love this idea. So cute. If you've waited too late to get these in time, I think you could make really cute versions with gummy bears, fruit by the foot, and other gummy sweets!

4. Valentine's Day 2017 Tackle Box: $28, Dylan's Candy Bar
          Dylan's Candy Bar has holiday candy down to a science. It's an assortment, and it comes in a good reusable package. It's all neatly labelled and shippable for your convenience.

5. Red Rose 3D Fancy Pops: $9.99 for 25, Candy Crate
          So, I think this is better than a bouquet for many a spinster. I also found a ring pop version on Oriental Trading.

6. Sugarpova "Flirty" lips: $4.99, Sugarpova
          Anther cute option. This packaging makes this an easy option to ship in a college care package. You know it's not going to leak, and I think it may be resealable.

7. Sparkle Heart Lollipops: $16 for 8, Sweetniks on Etsy
          I think these are so pretty. In fact, I think you should go to this Etsy shop and check out all the options they have. All very cute and/or cool.

8. Harrods Jelly Hearts: $6.39, Harrods
          Another cute option, especially for the anglophile.

9. Rose and Honey marshmallows:$14 for 16 pieces, Sweetniks on Etsy
          My parents recently received some home made marshmallows from some friends. They loved them. I think these are a super fun option for the spinster who loves her chocolate fountain or fondue pot.

10. Pink Rock Candy Lollipops: $12.99/dozen, Oriental Trading
          I really don't think rock candy tastes that good, but sometimes when you're at work, any sugar is good sugar. Plus, I think rock candy is basically the jewelry of candy. AND you can get it in any color you like.

Happy Shopping!