Spinstergram: So Close to 800 Followers

Spinsters, I'm pretty excited. I'm very very close to 800 followers on Instagram. If you're not already following me, then you should be. Go here and click the button. Or, if you already have the app open, my account is @Jonezee85.

I'm also hoping to update my Etsy shop this week with some new things I've made. These items include but may not be limited to the little sketchbook, a baby quilt (and quilted - No machine!), and a paper flower crown. Of course I'll post about it when I've updated. In the meantime, go check out the Sarah J. Jones Art Etsy Store and buy everything. Thank you in advance!

And as for today's image, this is a work-in-progress of a painting that will hang in a pet aftercare provider. Their clients will be able to order paintings of their pets as part of their overall aftercare package if they so choose. I've already delivered a dog painting, and this one will be next!

Happy Tuesday!

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