Swimsuit Doodles

Well, hello. Happy Mother's Day! If you've been following my Instagram, you've been seeing that I'm working on a quilt. It's a big one. This is the biggest quilt I've made yet. I think it will be a bit larger than queen sized when I'm finished. But, since I figured those photos wouldn't be too exciting to you ladies, I'm showing you a little doodle I made during an exploratory trip to the Magistrate's Court in Florence, South Carolina. It's on a stenography pad, but I still like it.

Aaaand just in case you haven't been seeing my quilting Instagrams, Here are a couple of those photos as well.

Here, Miranda is trying to hinder my progress. Like a cat, she feels the need to sit right on top of whatever I'm working on. But she's so cute, I don't mind.

Here we have a photo of some of my hand quilting. I actually made the "print" on this fabric with alcohol ink. There are a couple of squares like that on this quilt. I feel like they give the quilt a little whimsy, some personality, and a very personal touch.

Stay tuned on my Instagram for more progress and updates!

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