10 Excellent Vintage Wedding Dresses (For Someone Else)

I'm ashamed to admit that last night I watched the season finale of The Bachelorette. While my opinion remains intact about how terrible the entire concept of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is, it did inspire me to do a little Etsy shopping while I watched.

Don't get too excited. It still looks like I'll be a spinster forever. This is purely inspired by watching a tv show about a woman who demanded a proposal. So, let's talk about these dresses!

1. Fringe Beaded Dress: $985, Braxae on Etsy
          A lot of these wedding dresses are going to be shorter, but I think this one is fabulous. If you visit the link, you'll see that there are amazing little dangle beads. You can be sparkly and shimmery and classy all at once.

2. Dainty Flowers Vintage Wedding Dress: $285, Reluctant Damsel on Etsy
          So, I think this dress really needs to be steamed, and potentially the neckline at the opaque underlay needs to be reworked, but overall, I do love the dainty floral overlay.

3. 1970s Lace Wedding Dress: $489 The Vintage Mistress on Etsy
          This is a pretty traditional wedding dress, and I really like it. For under $500, it's a lot more affordable than buying brand new.

4. Vintage 1960s Wedding Dress: $250, Storied Vintage 2 on Etsy
          This dress is very Jackie Kennedy to me. It's got the long train in the back, and then it's got sort of a column skirt in the front. If you're a S or XS, this could be a really fun choice!

5. Vintage Pearl Beaded Wedding Dress: $550, Braxae on Etsy
          I think this dress is very "now," despite being vintage. Of course, you'd have to have the body for it, but it is really nice.

6. Pink Belted Wedding Dress: $438.82, Charmemode on Etsy
          I'm not sure if this one is really vintage. BUT it looks vintage. I like the belt. Very cute.

7. 1960 Emma Domb Jeweled Wedding Dress: $288, MCVintage Bridal on Etsy
          This dress gives me a distinct Game of Thrones feeling, and I'm not entirely sure why. It does have some nice detailing at the top, and is fit for a princess.

8. 1960s Cocktail Suit: $189, Lipstick Girl Vintage
          Ok, this dress is so cute. Even if a short wedding dress isn't for you, this could be an excellent rehearsal dinner or bridesmaid's luncheon dress. Very cute and very chic.

9. Lisa 50's Wedding Dress: $428, Breanne Faouzi on Etsy
          This dress reminds me of the one Audrey Hepburn wears in Funny Face. It's beautiful for dancing. I can just imagine a ballerina doing a wedding-themed dance in this. The skirt is so pretty.

10. Boho Fairy Wedding Dress: $148: Reluctant Damsel on Etsy
          The best thing about this is the detailing at the neckline and at the back. Very, very pretty. Could be really nice for a backyard wedding with fairy lights and a flower crown.

Ok! That's all! If you're a spinster like I am, I encourage you to at least check out these vintage shops on Etsy. They have some pretty cool stuff!

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