13 Fabulous Vintage Party Dresses

Yesterday, I turned 32 years old. I had a gloriously relaxing day where my mom took me to get a pedicure, and my dad took us to have a fancy dinner. I did not wear sparkly party dress, but my mom did give me some fun sparkly earrings.

Just for fun, I also did a little online Etsy shopping on my birthday, and I came up with this collection of fabulous dresses I think would be absolutely appropriate for any spinster's birthday. A lot of them are from the same Etsy seller, which should tell you that their entire shop is amazing. But let's talk about all these dresses, ok? Ok.

1. Vintage Pastel Sequin Dress: $289, Braxae on Etsy
          I think this color palette is so modern, even though this dress is obviously not brand new. I love the idea of over all sparkle, though. When it's your birthday, you should go all out.

2. Blush Feather Trim Dress: $298, A Finer Vintage on Etsy
          This dress is so femme and so bold. I feel like you'd want to dance your way down a pure white staircase in this one wearing strands and strands of diamonds and pearls.

3. Pastel Sorbet Dress: $159,  Braxae on Etsy
          This is definitely a dress for a summer birthday. I think this would be great at the beach or anywhere warm...or just...anywhere at all.

4. Black Sequin Fringe Dress: $450, LoveItShop on Etsy
          This is a daring dress that reminds me of Liza Minelli. If you're an iconic diva, this one is for you.

5. 1950s Taffeta Hourglass Dress - Soutache Sequins & Feather Trim $165.00, Vintage Vixen on Etsy
          I believe this dress is rather short. So, to offset all of that that's going on, I highly suggest flats with this little number. Or, you know what? Wear whatever you want. It's your birthday dress....or at least it could be.

6. Vintage Gold Sequin Dress: $160, Manners House on Etsy
          Simple and to the point. It's a gold sequined mini dress, and it is perfect. I think you could pretend you're Beyonce in this one.

7. Black Feather Dress: $325, Sown Threads Clothing on Etsy
          It really says something about this shopping list that this dress is the most subtle. But I really like it. I could see having this one in your closet for any event year-round. It's just..so Audrey.

8. Exotic Palm Leaves Sequin Dress: $349, Braxae on Etsy
          When I first saw this dress, I thought there was a tiger coming out of the side seam. While I'm a little disappointed this dress exists without tigers, I still think it's amazing. I love how graphic it is.

9. ART DECO Emerald Green Sequin Dress$475.00,  Braxae on Etsy
          I can imagine this dress being great for a redhead or someone with medium-to-dark skin. The color is excellent. 

10. Vintage Sequin Dress by Nadine: $85, Manners House on Etsy
          Now, this is one of the most obviously vintage items on this list. It's pretty 80s/90s. At the same time, though, the artwork, layout, and motifs are not entirely un-modern. Plus, at $85, it's the best deal on this list.

11.  Pink Sequin Dress / Pink Pearl Beaded Dress$179.00, Braxae on Etsy
          This dress is simple and sweet but still has all that sparkle. It's a no-brainer for a lady who's shooting for a "pretty in pink" look on her birthday.

12. Ralph Lauren Sequin Dress: $3,885, Braxae on Etsy
          I know, I know. This price tag shocked me, too. BUT, if you click on the link and look at the detail shots, this dress really is a work of art. If it were more like $385 instead of $3885, I might be really tempted to buy it and lose weight to wear it. Instead, I'll keep my money and eat some more birthday cake.

13. Iridescent Ivory Fringe Dress: $229, Braxae on Etsy
          I like how this dress is tonal, sparkly, and it has a lot of movement with the beaded fringe. It'd be excellent for making an entrance into a room that had optimal lighting.

All right! Those are the excellent Vintage Party Dresses I found on Etsy yesterday, on my birthday. So, if your birthday is coming up, perhaps you should treat yourself to something utterly extravagant and eye-catching. Just a thought.

Happy Sunday!

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